What is marketing Seize the consumer’s greed to read good product show

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blog closed station reopened after a long period of time not to write a blog, a website is not what technology seems to have to write to share with you, on the other hand is "SEO" the word feeling has not so important. I believe you come up with the most proud of the webmaster to do a site to check the traffic statistics look at the real IP will know. From now on, Peng Jianhui in the blog for all of us to bring some marketing methods and marketing success stories to share, followed by DIV+CSS is to do some special effects page tutorial. If you don’t talk about it, directly into the theme: what is marketing?

we often talk about marketing, they will say a lot of things are not practical, such as: micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, blog marketing, marketing, etc.. In fact, the knowledge of a name, and how to talk about the real marketing? We use the most popular words to analyze marketing: let consumers see their products, and let them use." In fact, we use the above said all the way, nothing more than to expose the information of their products, so that consumers see. And I want a marketing approach if all people use he also called marketing? So how to marketing, which is to see how the usual method of planners "change" characteristics.

below have my own experience of a formula:

good product + Marketing = hot

bad product + sales = white busy

from the above point of view, the main task is to improve their products before marketing. Because of his good product as a horse, horses and now more than one, but they do not own to find maxima. So a more need to have a can in front of many horses show good side, which can acquire many horses appreciation. The bad products he like a donkey, even thousands of miles a day in the ability to perform their own, eventually also horses who just laughed. So marketing must have a good product.

everyone has greed, and this one word "greed" is something we need to seize the most as a marketer.

we use examples to speak:

1, Baidu BUG marketing (Baidu cloud + BaiduPay).

fried one thing "fiery Baidu bug a long time ago, only need to spend 0.1 yuan to 500 yuan worth of SkyDrive space 100G. Everyone in the consumer to cheer themselves to find such a big company Baidu finally out of the bug, the news of the major media have reported. In all the consumers to register the account and payment when it opened SkyDrive, Baidu behind proudly contemplating users of their products in the future.

this time the so-called bug Baidu tightly "loss" of 499.9 yuan on the page to display the text (Baidu’s own products will not cost). But he got a lot of news for him

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