A habit of thinking make operation as sure as a gun

as the days and months multiplying work life I found, a very ordinary, but most people ignore what is thinking about the work of the impact. In some of the teams I’ve taken, including my own experience, people who are able to take time to summarize, reflect and learn are often much faster than others.

based on different growth environment, each person’s values, ways of thinking and personality are not the same. These cast you in just entering the job market is the starting point. However, after entering the workplace, all in the same team will stand on the same starting line, everyone in the hands of resources are the same, and the target is consistent: at the same time the fastest to reach the target.

, however, most of the operations after the first half of the competition still marking time, and I like doing the work of the implementation of all staff and the old with the boss and the company’s lack of tucao.

emptiness, is the lack of thinking of the operator will be going through the course of half a year after the inevitable process.

but calm down and look around you, those who work with you but still very motivated colleagues, you will find inadvertently, the gap has been opened.

where is the problem? I sum up, actually is to cultivate 3 habits of mind, give yourself time to half days and months multiplying cultivate these habits, you will feel substantial and energetic.

results oriented

results oriented, you need to develop the most basic and most important thinking habits. With it, you really understand what they do for what. All work has its value, either direct or indirect. Figure out what you’re doing, and set a value that will be very exciting and exciting when you reach that point.

to operate a common chestnut.

believes that a lot of friends just contact the user when the operation is from the beginning of the chat with the user and deal with a variety of user feedback. When the handover, you will be assigned to the WeChat public account, pull you into the group, or the website /APP background account user feedback to you, send you a QA List, tell you the user reply within 1 hours of the day, finishing a user feedback report etc..

what do you do? The first landing about all the background, study the operation and use, and then read QA List, be aware of, again with colleagues to a daily user feedback template, look at what you need to fill in. OK, you can start working!

if you follow this train of thought to do so, but I believe you to keep 3 months can apply for job transfer or turnover. If the product or user is embarrassed, the time will be shorter.

so where is the problem?

you can do it everyday

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