Wang Sicong, MPs capital lead investor occupation game player gaming emperor Sky announced with A r

Sky (Li Xiaofeng) who created the brand "titanium" announced that has completed 50 million yuan A round of financing, the MIPs capital and Shanghai Han duo investment investment center.

"King Sky" before occupation eSports player Li Xiaofeng, 2005, 2006, two consecutive WCG (electronic sports world of Warcraft finals) project champion, known as the "king of warcraft".

Sky in addition to being a professional player before the start, or WE clan manager, is also a live platform star anchor. After the venture is still a Sky anchor, the broadcast is a very good way to listen to our users comments, Sky told me. His live broadcast will tell the user on their own products on the line of new features, the product can also be the first time the user feedback to him. An interesting phenomenon is observed, "the soul live" this barrage will appear in their products when he lost heart rate display in the studio scraper, user feedback more benign atmosphere.

July 2015, Li Xiaofeng announced the creation of a gaming equipment brand "titanium degree", the first sale price of 299 yuan of gaming mouse. When Wang Sicong appeared in the establishment of the conference, the A round lead investor Wang Sicong also founded MIPs capital. The husband in the gaming circle layout is not what new things, but when the investment object is Sky, the two chiefs will be how to cooperate is very interesting. Titanium of President Yang Pei frankly accept MIPS investment, in addition to the money, the resources are also very important, since there will be more in-depth cooperation.

in addition to the mouse, titanium, as well as to create a number of hardware products, including mechanical keyboard, including the plan. According to the degree of titanium after financing or will launch a new monthly. Get the current round of financing will increase the degree of investment in the major electricity supplier channels. But in addition to these business channel development, is also the 1st May fishtrap Sicong investment to open a new channel for titanium, and husband’s Panda TV and banana program is also very good promotion channels.

but whether husband resources Crestron endorsement, or after the expansion of channels, eventually go on to success of titanium gaming Nike road or rely on the product to speak. At 300 this price, they have beaten the domestic players, so with the Sky understanding of gaming peripherals, innovation and improvement of existing products, so that they can gradually catch up with Logitech and other manufacturers? We’ll see.

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