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background: wide point of advertising generated on

line on the mall for a long time, because it was not what promotion (PS: Although on the line, but there are many not perfect, but the focus temporarily in a project on the other, so there is no promotion), so the company does not have what traffic, there is almost no purchases.

yesterday the company is ready to use wide point (Tencent channel) the promotion, today for promotion plan and copy specific, following is the picture and creative preparation and advertising on the line, but this time I had an idea: to rely on the wide point through advertising channels only product promotion use money to buy traffic.

this time I have an idea for this problem, this is what I want to share with you today.

method of operation: the user to buy the product share reduction XX yuan


you may sound very familiar, very vulgar, indeed, a lot of things are similar, it is important to the details of the operation.

1 must first understand the product (our company is now in a specialty products for floor products promotion), understand the product features and the pain point for users and for writing copy (copy can get many, copy can be pictures, can be text, video can also be it is; simple words, can also be a story…… As for how to write here is not the focus, and the formation of a corresponding copy of the library, and stored in the site database.

2 share activity flow design.

(1) when the user to buy the product into the shopping cart, add pop page in the shopping cart page, that users purchase products share minus XX yuan "information, and design (share share button plug-in recommended Baidu share, because Baidu share open platform, can share pictures, title, content to custom etc. to achieve the basic functions, we need.


(2) to determine the share platform (now the mainstream is QQ, Sina micro-blog and WeChat space), that share the rules in the window above, when users share purchase products, share content automatically call earlier prepared copy library share.

(3) users to share contact mall customer share issued by the relevant proof, confirmed after the price change of goods (or directly to the balance of the rebate).

in fact, the above process is more trouble, human waste is relatively large, not my idea of the program, the idea of my heart can be understood in the following operations derivative.

: word of mouth marketing

social media marketing now I do not need to say more, but also understand that everyone has a circle of friends, through this program, the participants can be ready to share the product to his circle of friends, >

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