Rumor new customs and sea Amoy, independent of purchasing

– IT Times reporter Zhang Yuwei

"I heard a sea Amoy customs deal, a little worried heart, so many orders on the road, and so there are a lot to be put in storage, ready to transport company. Fortunately, yesterday, the first arrival of the order has been smooth customs clearance, efficiency is quite high, small excitement." Recently, whether domestic or foreign buyers, sellers, perhaps youdianfan, from August 1st onwards the implementation of Customs No. 56, interpreted by the media as the "WeChat purchasing circle of friends suspected of smuggling", or "future" goods not to "list" list of items "way to handle customs formalities and overseas purchasing behavior will be suspected of smuggling." Let a group of sea Amoy seller shouted "sea Amoy business has become more and more difficult.

however, the "IT times" reporter confirmed that this time the General Administration of Customs issued and implemented in 2014 "on cross-border e-commerce trade entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory issues notice" (hereinafter referred to as No. 56) applies only to the record in the customs registration of e-commerce enterprises and individuals, individual purchasing, and Jingdong Tmall’s global sales platform is not affected.

the customs to clarify:

deal with personal purchasing, sea Amoy irrelevant

"media interpretation is very different, unfortunately, so far there is no official out of interpretation, but in fact there is no need to notice, the first clear scope, many people just love interpret out of context." A staff member from the Nanjing customs in the evaluation of the media before micro-blog’s 56 text of the various interpretations.

No. 56, the first article clearly states: only suitable for customs approval and networking with the customs of e-commerce trading platform to achieve cross-border transactions inbound and outbound transactions of e-commerce enterprises or individuals.

in fact, as early as the end of 2013, Shanghai has begun to gradually implement the relevant measures in article 56. December 28, 2013, authorized by the Shanghai customs of Shanghai local e-commerce customs clearance service platform cross border on-line operation, began to assume the role of intermediate data transfer between foreign merchants and customs.

according to the requirements of the customs, foreign businesses have electronic commerce agencies in China, are eligible through the border pass customs clearance to the Customs for archival filing and registration, "the list of personal articles" in the form of immigration clearance, enjoy the consumer oriented parcel tax preferential.

Reporters from the

border pass platform relevant responsible person understands, the domestic electricity supplier organizations currently registered overseas enterprises, has started to build an electronic warehouse management system, and gradually in accordance with the provisions of the customs transfer transactions, payment platform, data warehousing and logistics. Next, e-commerce companies, payment companies, logistics companies inbound and outbound goods, goods and other raw data transactions will also be through the electronic commerce platform for customs clearance and customs networking docking. For example, Japan’s Kao Corp has been through electronic channels to the customs "individual items list" declaration, that is to say, buy in cross-border and its own electricity supplier channels on KAO products than the general.

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