The easiest way to make money, you made it

do you know Joe Vitale?

cold mention the name, we will certainly be some strange.

well, take a look at his picture. Does anyone remember?


estimates that some people recognize, feel very familiar.

, I don’t keep me in suspense.

before the film is popular in the world, the secret – the law of attraction, as we all know, Joe Vitale is one of the producers of the film and lecturer. He wrote many books about the law of attraction, but today, I mention him, because he is a very famous American marketing expert, Wangzhuan master.

wrote in his book such a case:

"when he wanted to have a BMW Z3, a thirty thousand or forty thousand dollars, when he decided to find a network of courses, each student will receive 1500 dollars, then he gave his own email list every person issued a letter of invitation, invite them to enroll 800 people on his list the same day, there are 15 students to enroll in only one day to earn $22 thousand and 500. A few weeks later, he announced that he would open another electronic course to teach how to write, publish, and sell his own ebook. This course also costs $1500, and finally 12 people pay for classes, earning $18 thousand."

this case to make money model, we should not be unfamiliar.

it is because foreign Wangzhuan mode is more and more mature, so more and more highlights one of the most simple Internet fishing mode: electronic toll collection course.

charge electronic curriculum model is very simple, the core word is a word: sell!

just sell the product is a virtual electronic courses, e-books, etc.. The space from the entity to the internet.

domestic Internet Wangzhuan was actually almost copied abroad. Wangzhuan abroad than domestic mode mature, so now in foreign popular, later will be popular in china.

abroad on this model, there are many mature sites, such as Amason. Domestic for this piece is still in its infancy, but just born [know] Wyatt platform (www.hiyuezhi.com) is very good, now is a good time to operate, if you intervene early now, you will be able to seize this opportunity to share.

so, here, the charge of electronic curriculum model in the end how to operate it?

don’t worry, allow me to say.

1: who do you want to earn?

sell early machines, the audience is children of parents and elders. < >

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