Ding Xiaolei Web2.0 how to earn the first penny

that year, Sina and other rely on text messages to earn their own first penny, the Chinese Web2.0 sites where the first penny and where?

in the past year and a half, China’s Internet industry has gone through a bubble and then burst the process, the protagonist is the so-called Web2.0 website. Since the United States O’Reilly media company president and CEO Tim · O’Reilly invented this new vocabulary at an international conference, from the blog to write the log to engage in video shoot off to "I can help everyone, everyone help me" Witkey to barter trade, a batch of 2 under the banner of the name of the business the enterprise into the ground, so that people once again feel the characteristics of the Internet industry concept of "economy".

but as time goes on, the voices again Web2.0, a staunch supporter of opposition and Web2.0 launched a protracted war slobber. Web2.0 have been dubbed "burn" to ridicule, "earned no money", "no profit model", "evaluation of advertising alone emerge in an endless stream to keep the Web2.0 website and the like, the vertical segments of 58.com city site classification network CEO Yao Jinbo said that now many colleagues hate not the body of the Web2.0 label off.

like the Web1.0 era in the same cycle, real good Web2.0 site also need to go through a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore test.



blog from the beginning as a typical representative of the Web2.0 was respected by the industry, its huge number of users so many people echocardiography. According to iResearch iResearch latest release "iResearch2006 year Chinese blog Market Research Report" said that in 2006 the number of Chinese blog accounts registered (not including the number of personal blog site users) reached 39 million, growth of 333% in 2005. But the first blog blog, Chinese operators Chinese bokee.com just to earn popularity, but did not earn any money. And under the pressure of sina, Sohu and other traditional websites.

51.com is an exception in the eyes of VC.

May 11, 2007, the largest Chinese blog community 51.com obtained by Intel (Intel Capital), the capital of the red point (Redpoint Ventures) venture capital, Sequoia Capital China (Sequoia Capital China) and SIG joint investment, the amount of more than 10 million dollars. While a year ago, 51.com got from Sequoia Capital (Chinese) leader, Heiner Asia (SIG) in the first round of capital investment. In 2007 the entire Internet industry financing is not optimistic about the industry background, 51.com once again get the favor of venture capital. "Red dot (Redpoint V>)

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