Domain name is often lost in the new network into the black interests of the pawn on the chain

June 27th news, in June 2011, Ji Sheng technology and new network on the 91ni domain name of the loss of the lawsuit has entered the final stage of mediation. This time-consuming nearly a year of dispute finally came to an end. However, according to insiders, the expected results are not satisfactory: mediation by means of a complaint back sicent technology website 91ni hope is very slim, and even if the new network loses, only bear the lax review responsibilities, compensation of less than 10000 yuan.

91ni.com as a small well-known classification navigation website, ownership of ownership technology. From the beginning of 2004, Kyrgyzstan technology and domain name service provider signed a new contract, commissioned by the new network maintenance and management of 91ni website. During the maintenance period, the number of hits has reached 600 million. According to the notary office of the information, the main revenue from the Taobao site, keyword sales, search engines, sales channels and other channels.

however, in October last year, due to the lack of management and new network technology vulnerabilities during the hacker attack DNS, 91ni website by hackers, and transferred to the international top-level domain name service provider America enom company name. Before the loss, the highest daily income of the site has reached 9600 yuan. Compared with the sicent technology loss less than 10000 yuan compensation is an utterly inadequate measure.

and similar events, known as the domain name and the site commissioned by the new network management services, is not the first time.

August 2008, ABCD.CN domain name was deleted by the new network, and transferred to the name of others, several months of negotiations, the new network ignored, until the following year in March in the mediation of CNNIC finally agreed to return to the domain name;

March 2009, Hu Xingdou, Professor of economics at the Beijing Institute of Technology, the academic exchange site was inexplicably closed, after the lawsuit, only to get the results of the return of thousands of service fees;

January 2010, Shanghai famous life site fence net new network was dubbed "jurisprudence" titles and was a false PS and was forced to close, the fence net loss, net new spare domain no popularity return of the fence net, to cope with


in November 2010, many new registered CN domain name stolen, for 51.cn, 61.cn, 168.cn, 188.cn and other valuable domain names, the new network will represent internal processing, the people in the repeatedly investigated, only to recover the 3 domain names, there are still 14 has not yet recovered;

February 2011, ally advertising alliance founder Li Yihua 5738.com, 6411.com and 9189.com under the name of the domain name is lost by the new network proxy agent150449 out of the new network, the new network cite many reasons, Li Yihua had to seek a solution to ICANN complaints……

in recent years, IDC battle between each other, between the game site P>

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