The most annoying user experience

      crazy pagination: an article cut into N segments, each segment is a page, especially the picture, even a picture of a web page, not only caused a waste of bandwidth, and browse very uncomfortable, usually browse before a few shut down. In fact, this is a one-sided pursuit of site PV traffic, or the editor to complete the task and unscrupulous consequences.

      crazy to open a new window: maybe Chinese love to open a new window to browse the web, but not all the web pages on the site to open new window, see the content of a web page is the most hate, the dozens of windows open, like psoriasis as plastered all over the window. This forced means even gradually affected people’s operating habits, and some people even think that this is reasonable, really depressed ah.

      crazy to find content: This is a common method, for example, you click on a news, it did not go to the final content page, but went to a channel home page, people at a loss. Just like you see a leaf, ready to pick it up, it was found in the forest to hide it, you have to find a way to find this naughty leaves. This is a good listener, strengthen the attention of users in the channel, the user is actually cheating abduction.

      crazy watermark: if the picture is your exclusive shooting or ownership, then the watermark is understandable. However, many sites do not have their own copyright image watermark, is entirely plagiarism and theft, but also seriously affect the image of aesthetic vision. Has now spread to the video has begun to add a watermark, and even some of the text even with the watermark. All of a sudden, all China began to protect their intellectual property rights on the internet.

      crazy web site: often see Sina blog post is a bunch of messy numbers, such as 4c52a1d501000avy, Taobao shop domain name is also so. This very Web2.0 thing to enjoy the ordinary Web2.0 website can not enjoy the treatment.

      of course, there are many, just above the large portal sites often use part of hooliganism, thinking only of myself, regardless of the user experience, I encountered such a website only crazy, I wish them for the sake of my health, please change these bad habits, otherwise I really want crazy.

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