Webmaster network daily broadcast Jingdong enabled a new domain name WeChat charges or a foregone co


1.2345 navigation piracy sentencing chairman and other defendants were sentenced to probation


reporter learned from informed sources, the Ministry of public security in 2011 "sword action" in large software piracy case — Shanghai Rui Chong network Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as "Rui Chong") copyright infringement case before the verdict, Han Meng (Rui Chong chairman), Han Hongchang (vice president Rui Chong) and other 8 defendants all sentenced to probation.

last December, the newspaper issued continuously reports the case, opened Rui Chong’s 2345 site navigation products through pirated Microsoft Windows operating system profit chain of interest, a total of 2387 revenue rictron million yuan from.

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2345 navigation piracy sentencing chairman and other defendants were sentenced to probation


2 Jingdong officially opened a new domain name brand gradually unified

webmaster network ( April 1st news, Jingdong mall released a new domain name, and the use of a dog named Joy as the image of the brand mascot.

has used the domain name in the past 9 years Jingdong, why will now change the domain name? Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong explained that 360buy does not meet Chinese typing habits, please input the input English Chinese characters too long, and the 360buy is not easy to remember, users need to search into the Jingdong, Jingdong that need to pay Baidu a year a lot of traffic charges, so Jingdong decided to get rid of the domain name. Jingdong, as "the first letter of the word" Jingdong pinyin spelling, more easily and Jingdong brand Lenovo, is conducive to the spread of brand image and promotion of Jingdong. But before the login now will jump to and days after the original domain name for Jingdong will continue to use independently, or will jump to the new domain name, or for other purposes, the Jingdong has yet to reply to the corresponding.

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3 telecom operators will submit WeChat charging program WeChat charges or a foregone conclusion

The dispute between

operators and OTT is about to get an idea. MIIT minister Miao Wei said in the second "south of the Five Ridges forum" yesterday, operators charge OTT requirements "has certain rationality", the Ministry of industry.

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