nternet ubiquitous recommendation algorithm to resolve the core of the user draw

data show that 1/3 of users will be based on the recommendation of e-commerce sites to buy things, which is impossible to achieve any advertising results. The popularity of the media on the impact of consumer advertising has been getting lower and lower, so some people make a prediction – personalized recommendation technology will become the ultimate form of advertising.

many years ago, saw a movie called "who knows the woman heart", the Hollywood big name · Mel; Gibson plays the leading role is a typical male chauvinism. A bathroom accident suddenly let the man get the power of Magic – "mind reading" can be an easy job to do, to discern around women’s minds, hear their inner monologue. Although the beginning of this skill is scared to death, but he became addicted to capture the hearts and minds.

"mind reading" sounds fantastic, but also some people are keen on it. Like a night around suddenly appeared a insight into all of your favorite "friend", 24 hours to provide a full range of intimate guidelines to recommend to you not to mind taking the trouble that you might be interested in……" Things from the house to the socks.

you are right, this is imperceptibly seized the whole Internet "recommendation algorithm", not only at the bottom you what little secret, became the core of each site to draw the user’s secrets.

when the "recommended" moreish

Netflix using a software algorithm to recommend the film, DouBan FM is good at recommending casual music, Goodreads keen to recommend books…… Personalized recommendation algorithm has been fully applied to a long list of Internet sites, from video recommendation, music recommendation, shopping recommendation until friends recommend.

many users infatuated with the use of recommended algorithm after the pleasure. Since I use Last.fm and DouBan FM’s music service, they began to rely on the music recommendation they provide, no longer stand in the street CD booth, and even MP3 are rarely downloaded." Working in the public relations company Miss Zhang two years ago became DouBan FM fans. "No didn’t understand why there are so many people to listen to Douban, used after it had to admire the music very accord with my taste, more music collection, it is recommended to more accurate, more like shoes fit through. However, if the collection of too much music, then the accuracy will decline, perhaps this time, you do not even know what kind of music you like, let alone a software."

in fact, the recommended algorithm, the principle of work is not too complicated. For example, if you are interested in Faye Wong, and you also like Faye Wong’s friends to listen to, Last.fm will put Sandy Lam on your playlist on the same recommendation of music Last.fm.

Last.fm site responsible for the "very much," we recommend algorithm "around the music set up a >

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