Taiwan university research and development of infant cry translation APP

in new network on 18 September, according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, Yunlin University of science and technology in Taiwan took 2 years to develop a "baby language translation machine" APP, recorded a baby cry, can be real-time "translation" is the baby to sleep, hungry, or wet diapers and other 6 kinds of reaction, accurate the rate of up to 92%.

resolution 100 thousand baby cry

Yunlin University of science and technology research and development, said Zhang Chuanyu, a normal newborn crying at least 3 hours a day, but the different voices on behalf of different meanings, the general parents may not hear. The R & D team and National Taiwan University hospital pediatric cooperation, collected more than 100 thousand babies crying, crying, etc. Analysis of audio frequency changes, can be divided into analysis of hungry, wet diapers, noisy environment, want to sleep, pain, uncomfortable 6.

Zhang Chuanyu pointed out that the analysis of infant cry spectrum, hungry cries more regularly, but the belly crying sound is not the rule, want to cry to sleep like spoiled, but to the novice parents ears, may be almost the same, the child cries panicked. However, if the use of this APP "translation", accuracy of up to 92%.

1 years old before the baby applies to

he pointed out that before the age of 1 babies are suitable for this APP, the future of the novice parents can also download APP, upload to the cloud, the system will automatically correct the crying model, to help parents understand the reasons for the baby crying; even share to the community website, let grandpa grandma heard crying baby grandson, to praise.

he said, the data collected are Taiwan babies crying, cloud, is to apply for a patent, and the establishment of the company launched APP, the future can be used in Taiwan, Japan, Hongkong and the mainland, even in Europe and the United states.

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