Transformation of the initial results YAHOO beyond Google to return to the U.S.


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lead: U.S. financial website The Motley Fool published today entitled "YAHOO content" strategy to bear fruit (Here’s Proof That Yahoo’s Content Strategy Is! Working) review article said that the recent data flow is not difficult to see, YAHOO to turn content business mode has achieved initial success, according to the calculation of the amount of independent access to the user it is beyond the leading position, Google returned to the United States market.

below is the full text of the article:

as a search engine, YAHOO has slipped to third market share in the United States last month, only about $11.1%, well below the Google’s $66.9%, even more than the Microsoft ranked No. second is not a small gap.

not long ago, the steady decline in search traffic also makes YAHOO worried – after all, the search is almost all of YAHOO.

on Monday, YAHOO to do with the famous American news show host Katie · (Katie Couric) contract. The matter itself is indeed worthy of attention, but for YAHOO and its shareholders, the transaction also highlights the CEO Marisa · (Marissa Mayer) grand plan. Combined with the latest comScore data, it is not difficult to see that this program does play a role.

new direction

complex YAHOO home page YAHOO almost ruined the future, especially in the period of slow speed. The Google concise page is successfully attracted a lot of attention to the speed of the user. Obviously, the large and the model does not work, but in the past 5 years served as YAHOO CEO but no one can understand this point.

whether or not you approve of Meijer’s model, but it is undeniable that, at least she pointed out the direction of YAHOO: mobile and content. As Meijer recently said, YAHOO’s focus is "entertainment", for the recruitment of and technology reporter David · (David); (Pogue) is an example. The latest quarterly report shows that Meijer’s attention to the content has not yet been achieved, but the company’s culture and development direction adjustment really takes time.

think about AOL, they had previously launched a similar transformation with YAHOO. Aware of the era of dial-up Internet has ended, AOL has become a content site, providing users with a variety of news and entertainment information. YAHOO is still in transition, but its up to 800 million monthly active users has brought a lot of advantages. YAHOO’s attention to the mobile platform has produced results, about half of the active users are from the mobile terminal.

good news

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