Talking about the importance of YAHOO China to shut down the station is aware of the importance of t


China YAHOO mailbox just closed soon, yesterday, Yahoo China closed, now open Yahoo China page will jump directly to the Alibaba public platform, after long Yahoo China experienced a history of how, why Yahoo China toward the closed end? YAHOO China closed to the webmaster friends to bring some inspiration to the webmaster, importance are not aware of the user experience of


on the development of YAHOO in China

Yahoo China experienced the development of a long time, opened in September 1999 Chinese YAHOO website, the Alibaba in 2005 China began to take over the assets of YAHOO, at that time, all the assets of YAHOO for $1 billion in cash and Chinese YAHOO, in exchange for a 40% stake in Alibaba. In September last year, Ali group spent $7 billion 600 million to YAHOO shares held by the recovery of 21% ali. However, Alibaba has long been operating Chinese YAHOO has not improved, YAHOO album and YAHOO’s core business in China, YAHOO mailbox is also closed in August 19th of this year, the service has finally closed the end. Yesterday (September 1st) led to the closure of YAHOO china.

from YAHOO China’s development on site operations

from the above we can see that the development of Yahoo China experience for a long time, closed in Yahoo China, insiders commented the lost ignore the user experience "jobs", for if they focus on user experience, I think friends are understand, Yahoo China mailbox shortly before the close, perhaps this is the trend now a point of one of the reasons.

do not know what can be learned from this event webmaster friends in the industry to comment on YAHOO China closed the user experience is ignored, I think it does not make sense. No matter what the enterprise, will pay attention to the user experience, this is the majority of our webmaster friends need to pay attention to, the site can get a good operation, the user experience plays a pivotal role.

The importance of

user experience

here a simple example: about 360 I believe we all know, now its 360 has 360 security browser software, mobile phone housekeeper and guards and other products, we know that Zhou Hongyi Qihoo 360 was founded in 2005, has also just a few years time, why now achieved good success. In August 16th this year, 360 launched the third generation of search technology, with red yellow and green tomatoes make users involved, so that more users are more likely to find a good search results, enhance the user experience. Once, Zhou Hongwei also said that he believes that the strategic planning of the enterprises in any case grand, eventually have to open the market, he stressed that the user experience will become the key to win. Seen in this light, 360 also pay great attention to the user experience.

webmaster friends want to focus on the user experience

is important for the user experience, the majority of the station >

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