Paige beauty Revolution to create Google is not ugly


[introduction] page requires the formation of new design center, the ball is not rolling down, fine management rather than focusing on each step of the completion of other work he let employees fully authorized in the core leadership team of designers.


technology Tencent Beckham February 15th report


Larry · Paige (Larry Page) nearly two years ago to grasp control of Google, Google immediately there was a strange and obvious thing: it began to design the beautiful appearance of the application.


excellent design is not the traditional concept of people should do things, not to mention the company often some very subtle and progressive change, such as links in search results using 41 different shades of blue color, and not trust their designers to create a new vision. This "strictly in accordance with the concept of data weapons to carry out the concept of dead or dead" led to Google’s first visual designer Douglas · (Douglas Bowman) in 2009 to leave.

recently, however, a lot of thoughtful design of the application can not be ignored, especially in the iOS platform does not belong to Google. Google+, YouTube, Gmail and Google map application experience coherent, beautiful appearance, which is in contrast with Google’s past applications, and even Apple’s own increasingly bleak applications are in stark contrast.

is hoping to find the person in charge of the new design direction, but in the end he gets a strange answer: the person does not exist. On the contrary, thanks to a small team of Google designers to refine a concept, Google’s team of each product in their own exploration of coherent and forward-looking design, which is an amazing process.

they are communicating with each other.

Kennedy project (Project Kennedy) kicked off


Google Kennedy project

After the

page in charge of Google, his first message is very clear. Google chief designer Jon · Wiley (Jon Wiley) said: "he said," Hey, guys, we have to redesign all products. " Waley and his colleagues only two months to make Google a new coat, and began to think of the outside world history should be how to look at Google. "We got the order to make it look pretty," he said."

this is not the first time Google designers have tried to integrate the design language in different products, but it is by far the most successful attempt. "In the past, there were also some designers in Google who argued that ‘we integrate the whole Google into a beautiful, excellent’

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