The core idea of the brand website encircling the cities from the countryside

a, positioning

1, self positioning

SEO master countless, as a beginner, while SEO is the core technology of those things, but the experience gap, so we should have a clear orientation to their strengths in which, play to their strengths, and constantly improve their own strengths. On their own weaknesses we try to avoid touching or looking for a partner to make up, I do not recommend to try to make up their own shortcomings, why not put these efforts in the play to their strengths, make their own strengths as much as possible to enlarge.

2, site positioning

combined with the characteristics and advantages of their own resources and determine an industry, you have to do, analysis of the industry’s top competitor, when you find that your competitors are most powerful and beyond, to industry segments, such as recruitment service website, competitors are: 51JOB, Zhaopin, ChinaHR, almost all have the brand website, the user search habits have to develop the general name of these brands will direct search. At this time, we might as well be the industry segments, such as: Beijing talent recruitment, machinery manufacturing class recruitment, these areas of competition is not intense recruitment portal. Then do specific segments of the recruitment portal, when the real earnings of the breakdown of the website, you will find that you have a set from the website construction, website promotion, website profit integrity fixed mode, then you only need to copy this model, such as beginning to do is: Beijing talent recruitment, accumulate experience and mature mode, go to other regions to replicate the site until you successfully copied when there are 10 regions, your brand has been formed, the user has already formed a search habits, then do the top site of a brand, and before the powerful rival, certainly in this industry can be accounted for one world, this is the "encircling the city" idea.

two, site name

to do the brand stand in a certain industry, the name of the web site must be unique and contain the keywords, this website is your brand name in the future, the user is searching the site name, site name must have certain cultural connotation, and of course this story has been designed to brand strategy, we only need to considering the unique, contain the keywords, have a certain cultural connotation of these factors can be.

three, target keyword

is the industry’s top target keywords to key words, if competitors are very strong, there have been several brand website, then we locate market segments, market segments, keyword must also be the market segments of the top keywords, such as: are you going to do in Beijing recruitment website, then top your target keywords is: Beijing talent recruitment, if you do SEO class recruitment, then top your target keywords: recruitment of SEO

four, long tail keywords

long tail >

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