Wang Guobin, tuba rabbit and the rising of the nternet, Shenzhen Unicorn forces

2016 national double circle full curtain. Exhibitors are well-known Internet companies such as Tencent, Xinjiang, also has the space division, China Telecom and other central state-owned enterprises, as well as the Tsinghua University I-space, KPS Institute and other institutions of higher learning and the new R & D institutions. The main venue in Shenzhen, tuba rabbit display of cloud design system, independent research and development of visualization system, the new home decoration package Internet ready, a series of high-tech impression.


Tuba rabbit founder Wang Guobin

should be said that the rapid development of Shenzhen and the rise of Tuba rabbit, a wave of high-tech enterprises, are inextricably linked between the two. In 2008, Wang Guobin went to Shenzhen, he still remember the feeling out of the station, a heatwave touching my face, for Wang Guobin at the time, Shenzhen’s unique freedom, innovation, and restless spirit made him feel to the right place. Soon, in Shenzhen he began to brew his third venture. A careful analysis of his own entrepreneurial direction, and ultimately he chose the decoration, because the market is large enough, and full of pain, and pain point transformation represent useful Internet users value.

Shenzhen entrepreneurial speed

2008, most people are immersed in the success of the Beijing Olympic Games the excitement, many domestic Internet giants have begun to emerge, Ali has just listed in Hongkong, the BAT pattern of the early prototype, but the savagery of the Internet has not yet ended, the other side of the ocean group purchase giant Groupon was set up, Wang Xingzheng was busy selling his school in Beijing, if you hold a person in Zhongguancun, and asked him what the answer is O2O, 80% is a loss, but in an internet corner of Shenzhen, a connection and a length of the main decoration designer website was born, this is the embryonic form of Tuba rabbit after day.

domestic industries trillions of commercial space, but also a special industry, decoration industry chain complex and professional for many entrepreneurs, is a very sad. Soon, Wang Guobin and the early team found this difficult home improvement. At the time of the Chinese few people have paid for the design of a class of intellectual habits, experienced a winter entrepreneurial Wang Guobin realized, must have their hematopoietic capacity of Tuba rabbit, he quickly put the team together to open, said to all the people, entrepreneurs must first survive, can slowly precipitate the core of the enterprise competitive ability. A Wang Guobin at this time showed a strong forward thinking, very focused on the content of the precipitation, the precipitation data, quickly, team goals as the main content service website designers from home, in the past few years in fact proved that this decision is right, the industry after the spring and autumn and winter, Wang Guobin watched many entrepreneurs come and go, but the tuba rabbit survived, and eventually became the largest flow of Jiezhuang website platform.


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