Against the American film industry to support the notorious markets list Taobao removed the garment

Beijing time on September 27th morning news, the Obama administration will persuade from "bad market" (notorious markets) the list of issues, the Alibaba group has won the American film industry support. But at the same time, American software, clothing and footwear products manufacturers are strongly urged the United States Trade Representative Office will continue to stay in the annual list of, it is expected that the list will be released in the next few months.

in the past year, the Alibaba group has been in the American enterprise organization approached, hope to solve the latter concerns. These problems so that the membership of the group’s boarded the U.S. trade representative’s office in December 2011 issued a "notorious markets list.

The American Film Institute (

Motion Picture Association of America) had criticized the, but now praised the site "in 2012 to solve the problem of fake website has made major progress". "We are optimistic that Taobao will continue to take the necessary steps to reduce the fakes on its e-commerce platform," the Association recently told the U.S. trade representative’s office."

Taobao is currently the largest consumer oriented e-commerce platform in the Chinese market, the market share is expected to be more than 70%. The site has nearly 500 million registered users, at any given time the total amount of goods shelves are more than 800 million. Most users of Taobao are from mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao.

(U.S. Chamber of Commerce of the American Chamber of Commerce) will have as one of the largest source of fake online, but the Ministry of Commerce China are strongly opposed to the office of the U.S. trade representative will be included in the 2011 "notorious markets list. Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman said that Taobao’s decision to be included in this list does not seem to be based on any conclusive evidence or detailed analysis made.

45 million 200 thousand product shelf

with the United States trade representative’s office this year, the list of time approaching, Alibaba group is hoping to ensure that their views can be heard. In the former USTR general counsel James · Mendenhall (James Mendenhall) with the help of John ·, vice president of Alibaba group; Spelich (John Spelich) earlier this month submitted a lengthy document to the office, details of the group are taken to solve the United States companies worry about measures.

In this paper,

Spelich pointed out: " extensive measures have been taken and severe punishment, to prevent the infringement of goods sold on its platform, now is far from" notorious markets. "." He said

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