Honey Amoy supply chain short board some users care about overseas shipments

supply chain with no seems to have been the biggest bane of imported electricity supplier. Every big promotion will be out of stock, how to break


day before, the problem of supply chain, the price war, the mode of development and the state power grid honey Amoy CEO Xie Wenbin around the imported electricity supplier carried out a deep dialogue.

in Xie Wenbin’s view, no substantial difference between imported and domestic electricity supplier electricity suppliers in the future, the concept store in the world, and in promoting oversold goods, as a shortage of supplies. In fact, really care about whether the user is only part of overseas shipments, as long as the guarantee genuine, the user’s perception of imported electricity supplier will gradually change to the new international thinking.


billion state power network: over the past two years, imports of electricity supplier is very fire, often a "shortage" phenomenon, especially in the big promotion, so the supply chain has become one of the industry’s concern. What do you think of the import electricity supplier supply chain can not keep up with the problem?

Xie Wenbin: the whole industry supply chain system is to be optimized, but it needs a process, we may be unable to solve the problem of insufficient estimates will also appear, but we will try our best. In 2015, the development of the supply chain system is one of the things we want to focus on, we will develop the supply chain, support various types of suppliers, and gradually expand the supply.

I don’t think it’s scary when demand is skyrocketing, and you don’t have enough. The most terrible like double eleven, the supplier to you for one hundred million of the goods, but you finally sold only fifty million. Sell more does not matter, but do not sell less, because the rest of the goods nowhere to sell, can only get rid of vip.com.

for us, in fact, can be more open about supply problems, for example, we sell German imports of baby safety seat is take the goods from the domestic agency. Whether it is from the foreign agent to take goods, or from the domestic agents to take goods, as long as we can guarantee genuine, we can absorb.

in fact, only a part of the user will be concerned about this thing is not sent from overseas, and I believe this part of the user will slowly change to the new international thinking. Electricity supplier in the final analysis is also the electricity supplier, that is, the future of the electricity supplier and the domestic electricity supplier no difference, just to sell imported goods.

billion state power network: Although the imported electricity supplier is at an early stage of development, but in 2014 a sudden fire up, you will feel a "virtual fire" inside this


Xie Wenbin: virtual or some, after all, the development of imported electricity supplier also requires a process, at least three to five years, it is impossible to do a good job. All the things we do and all the achievements we have now are in fact the way of the great leap forward. We have put all our energy into it.

there are two main factors: first, the scale of the import electricity supplier is still very small, still

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