Online clothing wholesale clothing industry in the future is the only way

e-commerce era doomed: online clothing wholesale clothing industry in the future is the only way!

recently my mind always emerge out of a formula – logical formula: time + + province energy province toll vs take time + effort + spend money.

came to the conclusion that in the next few years on the wholesale network is a trend and the trend of


Internet is amazing, it creates a legendary myth of the information age, it created Taobao, Alibaba these successful business B2B e-commerce platform. Of course, these are already very mature early B2B business platform. Taobao is suitable for the retail market, Alibaba is a very good experience wholesalers.

in short, the network has gradually become the wholesale clothing wholesalers sight, step by step towards maturity!

The traditional

with purchase in addition to waste a lot of unnecessary time, there are a lot of money, manpower and so on, now many clothing boss online shop part-time sellers, due to various factors of funds, coupled with the long toss and purchase way fee, is indeed a thing to let them headaches the number of these factors to network is the inevitable trend of the future of e-commerce



through my boss’s cooperation with numerous entities, from the beginning of the new things do not believe that the network group, try holding the psychological, finally to long-term cooperation, surprise online wholesale no doubt to the store owner, brought a lot of new harvest! ~ everything to prove to: online wholesale is a step by step to mature


of course, there are many new entrants at little or no in some online wholesale customers too, due to the lack of network group experience, caused great loss, some customers look at commodity picture is very beautiful, the results get the goods after the wrong version of goods, there is a model wearing can also get in the hands of quality bad, will undoubtedly bring their own network group has brought a heavy blow! Caused some customers can’t believe online wholesale or will never want to wholesale idea.

actually, I want to tell you is the wholesale clothing online purchase is a trick and know-how:

first: first of all, you want to make sure you take the goods of the merchant’s products in the end is not the kind of picture taken.

second: how to view your reputation or product for a period of time to observe the clothing wholesale network reputation and business support, Alipay does not support cash on delivery mode.


through a period of study, do you think these are OK, then there is no problem, the answer is: you can test a try! The first time to take the goods take less, not reported to have too high expectations, if you want to hold a flower 30 yuan of the purchase price to the number of world-class famous brand clothes it is absolutely impossible, after all, you pay a price, this is for sure!! so, customers in the network.

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