Shop popular domain name downsizing movement e-businessmen showmanship tricks

and then don’t bother to remember those "long and smelly".! so many online shopping lovers so exciting, is the popular name of "downsizing movement". The day before, Taobao launched the "Pu Pu order or renewal three months to receive a CN domain for one year" activities, attracted a lot of network participation. Registered in a short name for CN shop, the store to avoid lengthy address memory consumers worry, increased the number of repeat customers. Under the current economic situation, through the name of "downsizing" won the brand construction and sales promotion advantage, give many considerable gains.

independent domain name to highlight the shop brand, improve credibility

With the increasement of

network, the online business competition is also increasing, there are always massive supply and demand information released by search and online at the same time. While long and similar online. No significance can be found, it is difficult for buyers to remember, resulting in two aspects of consumer and network problems, on the one hand is the consumers struggling to similar information in the walk, on the other hand, is also unable to hold back the network and provide high quality trading service, which seriously affected the efficiency and the user experience of online shopping.

in view of this situation, to the name of "downsizing" movement in the network are popular in the middle, between network operators and consumers are difficult to find out the cycle. When you have a shop independent domain name, your shop is very easy to say between buyers, spread out, is conducive to word of mouth marketing.


method is very simple, the shop facade do beautiful, unique, quality, price, product factors set features and convenient memory domain such as the most powerful, to build their own proprietary brands." A shopkeeper said. If it is in the store consumption, consumers will choose to go to their own, the location of a good memory store, they believe that the brand. Similarly, in the online consumer, consumers want to choose their own trust and trust, the site is a good memory store, and will remember the store brand.

, as the basic resource of the CN domain, nature has become an important means of network operators to shape the Internet brand. Buyers for an independent domain name of the shop is also more preference, network operators can think enough good ideas can name, by the name of fame, to establish their own unique brand shop, surprise in the homogenization of products.

independent domain name easy word of mouth marketing

relatively brief note CN domain name, it is easy to shop and the products combine to impress people, once consumers remember the brand shop and domain name, will often come to visit. A lot of Taobao owners understand this, take the lead in action, to attract consumers with a simple CN domain name, a "green glasses" shop will enable to replace the original, very long shop site and sell fashion bag shop with a nifty CN domain name "", let you remember. Shop.