Jingdong replacement O2O business leader Deng Tianzhuo took over Hou Yi


technology news July 31st evening news, according to Beijing East confirmed that its O2O business person in charge has been replaced by Hou perseverance Deng Tianzhuo, Deng Tianzhuo is a special offer tonight Hotel CEO, after the acquisition by the Jingdong into the Jingdong as vice president, Hou Yi will be responsible for a number of projects in asia.

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong had previously said that Jingdong O2O projects are planning to do around the logistics, the specific way is online traffic + logistics + information technology. Hou Yi, as the head of the O2O project, to promote the Jingdong and Tang Long convenience store sample case, and in 2013 to promote the country.

it is understood that the Jingdong Asia one project is the company invested heavily in strategic projects, as the project entered a substantive stage, Hou Yi very senior in logistics planning, he will focus on the implementation of the "Asia one" project.

Jingdong said, O2O project is very imaginative, Jingdong has a clear strategic direction. Deng Tianzhuo will continue to promote the progress of the project along the established strategic direction. (Lin Ming)