Clothing brand JNBY PO will be landing in Hongkong this year

has recently informed sources to Fashion News revealed that women have JNBY, CROQUIS and JNBY by’s men’s sketch JNBY JNBY Capital Group has started the listing process, the fastest will be landing in Hongkong stock exchange in the second half of this year, the scale of financing will record in recent years, the domestic apparel industry brand new earth records, but the news did not disclose the amount of financing specific.


the latest domestic women visit the capital market in April last year, Shenzhen Ellassay women in the domestic A shares listed, financing scale of 700 million yuan.

up to now, Hangzhou based JNBY group staff size of about 600 people, including the women’s JNBY Chinese worldwide, the number of shops about 680, its CROQUIS and JNBY by JNBY’s sketches of the 100 or so.

brand founder Li Lin

if the exception is one of the longest existing domestic designer brands, then JNBY is another local designer brand representative. The brand was founded in 1994, the proportion of foreign founded time again two years earlier. With the exception, JNBY style is Zoupian Jian feng. In particular, the niche and captured a large number of accurate consumers. In 2001, the brand founder Li Lin for the transformation of the brand, the brand has changed a English name JNBY, and JNBY became group name.

2012, founder Li Lin announced the investment of the fund, to seek listing, Li Lin said: "if the investment can improve the quality of the products, will be a win-win results, team can get economic returns. But at the same time still want to control the brand in a certain range, do what they like to do the most important thing".

The rapid development of

high degree of recognition, and international children let JNBY group to become the darling of the capital.

know, a user called "popcorn is described JNBY Hana Kimi" plain, elegant, straight, like CELINE and RICK OWENS and Yamamoto Teruji’s body. JNBY praised the natural and healthy lifestyle, perfect urban female intellectuals, but always not follow popular fashion, and in the choice of fabric, the same as for its comfort, cotton, linen, wool, silk and other natural fabrics, visibility and recognition in a unique literary style of female preference in a wide range.

In addition

, JNBY Sina micro-blog and WeChat in social media, the public has a large number of brand loyalty fans, of which the average JNBY number of public reading of the long-term in the domestic women class list, as many domestic brand women even imitated foreign fashion brands.

JNBY since 2004 began to expand the international market, 20>

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