Taobao three days on the weekend to sell 1002 tons of liquid detergent to break the world record

Taobao weekend to sell 1002 tons of liquid detergent to break the world record


technology news September 1st afternoon news, the weekend (August 29 – 31 days), Taobao laundry detergent sold 1002 tons, won the "world’s 3 day online sales most liquid detergent weekend promotions" world record certification, which is more than the world record association 10 times in total sales in Taobao within the prescribed time period, a total of 30 years of sales but also the line of 1 Chinese large supermarket.

last weekend, Taobao, Walch, blue moon, white mystery, green umbrella five liquid detergent brand teamed up to launch activities, in three days, five brands sold a total of 1002 tons of liquid detergent, liquid detergent were five businesses exceeded the highest single day turnover of the total amount in line. Among them, 13 pounds loaded Walch liquid detergent sold 50 thousand and 970 pieces, 13 pieces of white washingliquid combination of equipment sales of more than 4.9 pieces, this also means that in Taobao, at least 100 thousand people xiyiye one-time purchase of a three year.

insiders said that Taobao borrow FMCG force at the weekend, fully meets the life needs to buy supplies and consumers over the weekend, also a successful weekend leveraging the entire Internet economy.

consumers can be more free to arrange their own time, shopping scene may be transferred to the line, the major electricity supplier platform, the weekend has been in the online shopping trough. To this end, Taobao data analysis on Taobao Tmall users’ buying habits and behavior, direct docking with businesses, customized by C2B model, customized to meet at the weekend FMCG portfolio standard consumer daily dosage.

, according to incomplete statistics, only last weekend, Liby, Walch and other five major brands of businesses were breaking the single day total turnover, which in this line, Liby three days of sales is equivalent to the previous line two months of total sales.

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