Electricity District staged crazy animal City cats, dogs, lions, tigers, 618


and Disney film "crazy animal city", a power struggle this year the business war is not 618 herbivores with carnivorous animal, but also a contest between animal and animal dog cat.

by the Jingdong to develop the anniversary promotion, has now evolved into another one following the "double 11" after the carnival.

visible war

electricity supplier in the year to promote the 6· 18 has come, in fact, as early as May, several major electricity supplier has announced a high-profile announcement to start a big Carnival promotion, the first blow is the clarion call Jingdong.

May 18th, the Jingdong announced the start of a month long 6· 18 quality carnival, Liu Qiangdong said at the conference site: Jingdong appliance sales this year will be alone more than Gome, Suning, Gome and Suning and over in the next three years.

Liu Qiangdong Carter, Suning first to fight.

May 23rd, suning.com held a mobilization meeting, said the whole category of goods to major efforts to discount promotions, "KO6· 18". Su ningyun group COO Hou Enlong said: "suning.com" 6· 18 "during the price to be comprehensive benchmarking competitors must last year" double 11 "price is still lower."

in May 25th, Suning, buddy Alibaba announced that the official launch of the "618 Super Fans Carnival", reached the battlefield.

the same day, the United States online also announced "6· 18" theme – "do not speak, only parity". Gome online CEO Li Juntao said: "this year," 6· 18, the United States’ activities will be up to 26 days, a week before the start of Jingdong. Besides time, activity rhythm and Jingdong this year, Gome online is the same as that of 3C, supermarkets and other large appliances, the whole category promotions with the Jingdong at the same time, completely on Jingdong."

TechWeb from the above analysis is not difficult to find, several major electricity supplier 6· 18 to promote the underlying object is a Jingdong, the reason is very simple, "6· 18" is a Jingdong created by the Jingdong, is also the home court.

Jingdong began operation of the 618 events from 2010, was originally a discount on the anniversary, with many electricity providers to join the big promotion activities, and gradually become a person following the double 11 after the carnival.

for the campaign for a national carnival is the best results. In an increasing number of electricity suppliers to join this year to promote carnival, this year’s competition is not the same as in previous years.

Jingdong will be the theme of this year’s 618 "quality Carnival"

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