The combination of business SNS website and mobile phone will form a real business

with Netsun "business contacts circle" and "network" Alibaba launched SNS business application shows that rapid warming, get more people’s attention, can be said to be the happiest thing for me!

SNS has been very entertainment, which caused some social problems, which I think is normal, because the birth of any new things will have its pros and cons, will cause a big boom, but this was short-lived. After the craze, it should really calm down and consider how to SNS commercialization, practical. The only way to play the advantages of the Internet, people-oriented, to enterprise development, the integration of social resources, improve the efficiency of cooperation, make good Internet products for the rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises, this is the "meaningful"

!The emergence of

SNS, really close to the distance of each of us, I feel this is the real Internet – instant interaction, keep in touch with the network. Business SNS is like mine, as long as we carefully, you can dig and extract a very valuable resource.

business SNS website still has a long way to go, there are a lot of services that can be provided for members, I think the combination of business SNS website and mobile phone should be able to solve the existing two problems:

problem: a simple Internet based communication has some drawbacks, when we find the business to be eager to contact each other, but the other side is not online how to do?

question two: in order to solve the problem, you can write a personal phone on the site, but the consequences of this is the direct result of harassment, how to solve the privacy problem?

network technology and communication technology will be able to solve this problem, business SNS site with PSTN, VOIP, NGN, 3G and other technologies will be able to provide users with more practical tools, such as:

first, when the other party is not online, you can directly through the business SNS Website Web page launched the main called the two sides of the phone call!

second, when you need to discuss a topic in the group, you can choose the members of the group launched a mobile phone call conference!

third, members can rest assured that the phone number to fill in the site, because this number is not displayed on the site, only after the selection of a member of the object click on the phone call logo can be!

I think this is the real "Internet instant messaging based on application to business SNS website so as to improve communication efficiency of" business "


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