Ecological taste Grote swept down the line LETV life Museum in July to promote the carnival curtain!

by Ma Su, Liu Jianhong and other stars sought to cross-border LETV VR maxed out the Dalian Beer Festival "eco Grote beer" Gloryt will be offering summer cool big promotion! During the period from July to August, open network network "Grote drunk ecological" line the whole channel to promote the carnival, LETV living museum, LePar, super KA and the dealer sent jointly to promote the ecological benefits: Liu Jianhong Autographed football, million Hao Li, the national party theme Ecological Welfare wonderful one after another, to nationwide ecological beer carnival.


Grote July ecological big promotion Carnival curtain

this week, users can online music as a living museum, LePar, super KA channels and online platforms simultaneously enjoy large welfare promoting georgia. Before the end of August, LETV living museum in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan and other key provinces stores are ready for the fans of mysterious ecological Hao li. Every weekend, users buy two boxes of grout can be as Liu Jianhong autographed a football. More than one hundred LePar stores in the country in July each weekend gives the same preferential.

At the same time,

, LePar and LETV living museum will open one of the wonderful theme salon activities. Interactive games, dynamic music, energetic band, magic magic and fun together with you hey turn the audience. From the German Mannheim pure beer collocation around absolutely let you eat delicacy,


in addition, during July, users in Beijing Wumart, Yong Hui, Lotte Mart supermarket to buy any of a specified Grote can receive free gifts, buy five cans can also enjoy "eco beer" again can surprise courtesy.


living museum as an important ecological terminal network network "wine life ecological world" strategy, with wine, science and technology, life as the theme, aims to create a high quality of life experience, demonstration, elements of the purchase area, become a carrier of music as ecological products and services. Ecological store as bearing network network O2O line service, LETV living museum will become the wine network cable products and global brand penetration into the important channel of the terminal market, the traditional offline channels business model disruptive upgrades. It is reported that in July, as the National Museum of music to accelerate the layout of the country, has set up nearly a hundred stores, from the first tier cities to Shanxi, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other key provinces and cities. The industry generally believe that the music life Museum has become the scene of Grote beer marketing positions, to make full use of the ecological ecological Grote channel penetration across the country.

It is reported that

, Grote Gloryt is composed of mesh network and music as sports jointly launched the "ecological beer", is the focus of this year’s global network network to build its own brand. Grote from Mannheim, Germany by a long history of Aishibao winery production, strictly abide by the law "in 1516" pure beer brewing process, quality and taste very characteristic of German origin.

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