Luxury electricity supplier is now closed down the lack of supply is a fatal problem

introduction: one side is the hot consumer market, while it is dismal business, China’s luxury electric providers how to transition?

it is reported that more and more people are now trying to buy luxury goods online. Small to cosmetics, big bags and even luxury cars. However, in the world are optimistic about China’s luxury consumer market, many Chinese luxury sites have announced bankruptcy or loss of performance. One side is a hot consumer market, while it is bleak business, China’s luxury electricity supplier how to transition?

luxury electricity supplier turnover is not surprising

not long ago, was hailed as the history of the fastest race to get rich investment ten million luxury electricity supplier to enjoy the network declared bankruptcy. According to the reporter, in August 2011 formally put on the network to enjoy the luxury site located in the race to get tens of millions of dollars worth of investment, on-line four months time to complete the sale of some of the same site. But just opened less than 3 years, it was quietly declared bankrupt. In addition to enjoy the network, this year the number of other luxury website performance is not good. China Electronic Commerce Association Network Marketing Center Director Ren believes that the collapse of the luxury electricity supplier is the electricity supplier in the development of normal things.

single kernel: there will be a large platform for the future of such a field of luxury goods, but this platform must eventually be among the dozens of survival of the fittest, only one can survive. Many electricity supplier turnover of luxury, which is a very normal thing in the development of electricity supplier.

shortage is a fatal problem

data show that last year, a significant decline in China’s luxury market, an increase of only 2%., but for the luxury electricity supplier, the development of the fatal problem of restricting or insufficient supply. The person in charge of a luxury website in an interview with reporters also admitted that the status quo is indeed the case.

person in charge: most of today’s electricity supplier, may their goods style with relatively small amount, their supply chain system is not well solved, more may be some outlet.

Where is the way for


transformation is of the right way?

in addition to the lack of new products in the quarter, a large number of overseas purchasing, micro-blog and other social platforms have begun to get involved in the luxury trade, which also brings no small impact on the luxury electricity supplier, WeChat. So in the context of the demand is still strong, the future of the electricity supplier in the luxury of the road where the Chinese E-Commerce Association, director of the network marketing center single Jen believes that it should expand channels to accelerate the transformation. For example, vip.com luxury business transformation sale website has been listed in the United states. Network serves the transformation of the fashion department, got Ferragamo authorization. Fifth Avenue by way of an authorized provider buyout is also continuing operations.

single kernel: the future of the electricity supplier, we must first change the mode, it’s the pattern we call online marketing, offline transactions. Luxury online platform must have its own characteristics, the so-called features, the first category is cut.

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