Dialogue Wu Xiaoguang explain the Tencent electricity supplier Pathfinder role

(source: Southern Metropolis Daily Nandu network)

in the Tencent huge Internet empire, a dependency has been sidelined others. Electricity supplier, in the field of fierce competition in China’s Internet industry, Tencent has been a low-key player. But in the end, this compared to interactive entertainment, instant messaging, "recruits", Ma Huateng was selected as the two Tencent restructuring "experimental field", split into separate Tencent electric holding company (ECC), and is expected to through the "independent listing" means to seek the next value. The day before, the Tencent electric holding company CEO Wu Xiaoguang in the "independent" after 3 months, for the first time in Nandu to accept an interview with reporters, a Tencent business Pathfinder role.

internal architecture still need to reform

Tencent has been the intention in the field of electronic business exhibition fist, has been difficult.

2006, Tencent C2C platform Tencent pat on the line. After 6 years of development, Tencent electricity supplier is not the same as in other areas, easy to flow advantage in a short time to re cut the site, occupy a favorable position. In these six years, the rise of Taobao, which extends B 2C platform Tmall (micro-blog), shopping search parity platform Amoy, group purchase marketing of Juhuasuan, later including Jingdong, Dangdang has been take charge as chief of.

Tencent development today, we seem to look at every aspect of the mainstream business, research and development, promotion, payment, etc. can be digested within the Tencent, but the electricity supplier can not rely on their own strength to solve." An internal Tencent executives told reporters that this frustration has become the starting point of the electricity supplier split.

and Tencent electricity supplier in the internal conference, Ma Huateng expressed a similar view on the electricity supplier: electricity providers can not do it on their own strength. "We see this industry chain better than we used to see the new business longer chain, how to more effectively manage the electricity supplier logistics, warehousing, online and online business, must rely on the industry chain partner cooperation ability to succeed."

the uniqueness of this business, in the long run, there is a need for independence in the management mechanism, with greater autonomy, which eventually evolved into electricity supplier holding company model.

Wu Xiaoguang south are reporters, said the electricity supplier split for the group has two important roles, one is the innovation in the management mechanism. For the first time, the Tencent has managed a business in the form of a subsidiary, granting full flexibility to capital, organization, and incentives. When the company is getting bigger and more complex business, the electricity supplier how to deal with this complex business management model in the future there will be more business Tencent need to do this new model."

in his view, the biggest change after independence is that the electricity supplier has become a product from a BU (business line) into the company’s products, there are a lot of decisions now rose to the level of the group."

from the inside, Tencent

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