To network people will invest in open independent shop

              recently, often have a network via QQ or email to the author about independent shop problem. Some are hesitant to independent, some worry that after independence will not extend out of business, some worry that the independent cost is too big, the risk is too high, of course, there are many details about the network to let independent shop in the end is what is


in fact, these problems belong to different views, let the experts in different fields to answer, can give different answers. Entrusted by the people, loyal to the people, since the network of friends put forward these problems, the author from the common financial perspective ". Wrong, also hope to forgive me.

network is now most in buying stocks. We all know that the stock market risk, market to be cautious, but high return and high risk go hand in hand to let more people "mad about money", regardless of the consequence, do not go to his research with Buffett and much of the gap, hastily invest in. After several rounds of temper, and fully appreciate the stimulation, and finally found the money far enough to make up for once the heartbeat, then withdraw distressedly, also become dejected and despondent, he is still a stock market to make money or a few people! "

Look at the

shop in large sellers on the platform, is it not so? These aspiring entrepreneurs in the shop before, with is this platform sellers how lucrative the "dream", came after the discovery of each industry here have so many sellers, hustling, messy. Big sellers like the stock market in the "banker", fanshouweiyun rain, by virtue of their large amount of low unit cost advantages, the price pressure is lower than the purchase price of ordinary sellers. Let your friends and family to buy a few pieces, increase the credit, but they will find themselves to buy a loss, the price is lower than the shops abound…… This day continues, a strong seller will persist, slowly accumulate old customers, and these customers will be stabilized by petty, a blue chip stocks as you buy, or a blue chip, you can earn some money by these. But more sellers would sigh, ended in gloom, he is also a word "in the… , or big sellers to make money ah!

and independent network operators like buying growth fund. Of course, there are "buying stocks" experience of the network open independent shop will also have the advantage. Although the fund’s income is slow, but relatively stable, if you increase investment, your income will further enhance. Independent shop competition is small, like the fund, there is a limit on the total amount of circulation, even if you have money, you enter the wrong time, earn money will not be too much. Practical experience is that the earlier do independent shop, the possibility of making money will be the future, because your popularity is increasing, customers can more easily the stability and maintenance; independent shop small investment, like the fund, like V5SHOP offers a free version of the software, you only need more than and 200 yuan of the server and the domain of investment then, without.

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