4 shop brush single platform checked involved well-known platform for tens of thousands of businesse

[TechWeb] reported on September 27th news, Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau days ago announced the ten network special law enforcement actions typical cases, including the "silly push net", "the whole point of grab" network platform speculation business reputation case.


Zhejiang provincial Trade and Industry Bureau announced ten cases of special enforcement action network

in the case of Hangzhou, Jane world network science and technology limited company operating the "stupid push net", Hangzhou Information Technology Co., the operation of the whole point of grab "website, a technology company in Hangzhou operation" collar Net – earn commission website, a Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Hangzhou operating the "blue water" and other sites are suspected the network hype business reputation brush single fried letter violations being investigated.

investigation, these four platforms involved in scalping the cumulative amount of up to 120 million yuan, registered businesses involving Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, mogujie.com and other well-known electronic business platform, businesses involved in 1.86, involving 63 thousand and 600 hand brush. At present, four network platform business reputation speculation scalping cases have been closed, the Xihu District market supervision and administration of administrative punishment is made a total of 560 thousand yuan on the four brush single platform.

, according to CCTV 27, North Korea, the smell of the world, the network consumption trap series of reports, many shop merchants spend money to hire a single brush, anti fraud by the third party.


CCTV exposure brush single anti fraud

according to a report of the businesses, he found offers a single brush service companies in the Internet, the other said brush drill into five as long as 598 yuan, the business to the bank account designated by the play section, the other did not brush, but for other reasons to allow businesses to exchange 3000 past brush again, taking home surprised feel cheated, so the alarm.

police investigation found that all parts of the country there are hundreds of people on the bank accounts involved make money accounts frozen are about 200000 yuan. Eventually the police arrested the suspect in the case, which introduces himself to open a network company in Guangxi, Guilin, the company has dozens of people, specializing in the implementation of a single flag brush the merchant fraud.

cctv.com reported that Taobao cheated hundreds of sellers at least, these dealers across the country, but cheated businesses stand out rights and report to the public security organs are scanty, not even some who cheated in the police investigation visits also might avoid, for obvious reasons, because Taobao itself is deceived by the seller they spend money to buy a single brush itself is taobao.com banned. (Ma Xiaochao)

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