nozdjioo co-founder Hong Meijuan traced the high-level resignation

news May 4th, recently informed sources told billion state power network broke the news,’s headquarters in Guangzhou has more than a sharp adjustment of personnel, executives have left, in charge of investment, VP has submitted his resignation, resulting in the investment business difficult, the brand can not be settled.

billion state power network to a number of people close to’s confirmation, confirmed the co-founder, responsible for the investment of senior vice president Hong Meijuan has in 1 months before his resignation. People internal anonymity also confirmed that Hong Meijuan submitted his resignation is true.


is an electricity supplier practitioners revealed that in addition to co-founder director level VP and partner level, other executives holdings are not many. The source said that’s core executives are very stable.

another industry source said, if Hong Meijuan leave, or in recent years,’s highest level of core executives leave. It is understood that Hong Meijuan officially joined in 2009, is the most early entrepreneurial team executives, Taiwanese, previously served as senior vice president of, responsible for investment business. Good at many retail internal colleagues in Taiwan, are recommended by her.

, a brand name, said Hong Meijuan or directly in charge of 40 billion of sales. According to’s 2015 annual report, Hong Meijuan is one of the few executives holding shares in, the total stake of less than 1%.

as for the reasons for his resignation, many people have said is personal. It is understood that before the entry of, Hong Meijuan has served as the Chongqing Pacific Department Store Manager, Taipei SOGO Department Manager Office, Nanjing ocean department store general manager, vice president of the Grand Pacific Department etc..


but another insider said, Hong Meijuan’s resignation is not completely out of, just from the first position.

and is about to succeed Hong Meijuan, a number of sources revealed that is a system of Procter & Gamble from the Department of retail veteran.


a close to insiders revealed that the day before shortly after taking office, commercial vice president Sun Gefei or Hong Meijuan will take over the position. According to a notice inside exposure can understand that has hired former Procter & Gamble before the electricity supplier general manager Ms. Sun Gefei served as vice president of business.

billion state power network learned about a successor to Sun Gefei, the latest data show that in 1998 it joined Procter & Gamble Company Sales Department, has served as general manager of Greater China Sales Manager, the main customers of Procter & Gamble in Procter & Gamble Chinese WAL-MART sales team, recently was president of Procter & Gamble post electronic commerce department.


investment policy changes?


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