Focus on the five major focus of the electricity supplier issues how to eliminate negative labels

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 9th, from the beginning of the birth, the electricity supplier has suffered much praise, it will bear the number of questions – fakes flooded, poor product, false offer, evade taxes…… A business kaijiangtuotu, these tags go hand in hand stride forward singing militant songs. Now is the time to tear up the electricity supplier label.

How to eliminate fake

Ms. Gao

Beijing spent 100 yuan from the Internet to buy a bag, and the bag in the mall price to nearly 1000 yuan. She and sellers are well aware, the so-called big with the money is fake.

Because of the proliferation of fake

, questioned China business enterprise by some foreign institutions.


group responded that, as of September 2016, in the Taobao system is fake businesses more than 2.5 times a year, with the help of Alibaba, within a year of about 675 fake production sites, stores and point of sale is closed.

Beijing city

network Industrial and Commercial Bureau trading supervision office director Chen Jianping said, fake sin but not the electricity supplier, electricity supplier was amplified. When the platform released information should be closed shop, selling information publicity, through technical means to fake people can not continue to do "another vest".

Internet expert Fang Xingdong (micro-blog) pointed out that the platform is the fake centralized beneficiaries platform fake just reduce returns and not because of fake punished and damaged. Not selling more loss, from the mechanism, this is a failure.

Ningxia Electronic Commerce Association Secretary General Qiu Jie recommended the establishment of electronic business platform crackdown linkage mechanism, as long as a business platform to ferret out the fake, the supply of goods enterprises cannot on other platforms before selling to the shelf. Through the Internet’s own strict self-discipline, strengthen the integrity of the system, get rid of wanton growth in electricity supplier in the soil.

low quality low electricity supplier is an inevitable stage of development

Hebei Baoding a bag manufacturing company’s business manager Ren Mei told reporters that the company and a price of $29 to the cost of. However, the surrounding small workshop production of fake imitation goods, selling 19 yuan or even $9 package. In fact, manufacturers are also very headache, poor product quality, low profit margins, return rate, high rate of poor, the formation of a vicious cycle." She said.

China Market Research Institute executive director, deputy director of market information committee Meng Yuehui pointed out that the damage to the environment for the development of high quality inferior industry industry, high-end consumer continually, which is why in recent years the rise of the sea Amoy family. If things go on like this, will damage the foundation of China’s industrial development.

State Administration for Industry and Commerce in October this year announced a special sampling of the quality of commodity trading network transactions, the overall detection rate of substandard goods was 34.6%, most of which are substandard internal quality. Obviously, product sampling alone is not enough to summarize the whole picture. In addition to product sampling, whether the electricity supplier sales of counterfeit goods

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