A number of deep questions about the search for a website

Hello everyone, I am a headhunter. I am in Beijing。 I don’t think it’s good for Beijing before I do it. After the search, I found that Beijing’s economic structure is not abnormal, like Shanghai so now, I think Shanghai can almost be said that any industry development is alive, automotive, chemical, shipbuilding, machinery, finance, Internet, what are often holding Shanghai foreign enterprises in a daze, because compared Beijing is too small. Guangzhou Shenzhen area has not so much IT manufacturing plant, want only to find Beijing a lot of Internet Co, so I now also become a focus on the Internet search industry.

recently in a group purchase website to do some jobs, a distinct feeling is outside the Internet industry is small and the Internet industry expert temper, the situation is more expert temper. I think I have a lot to do wrong, may also be the Internet is easy to forget. Fortunately, I have forty, not easy to get angry.

recently to some industry insiders recommend jobs, hear some views on the group purchase industry, I think there is a lot of Tanzania is willing to think, to share and teach people, so I want to listen to your views on these views. Kindly advise.

1, a tourism e-commerce (OTA) industry insiders told me when I recommend buying positions, said, in our eyes, buy is to play a vote, simply do not do." So we believe that the group will soon die of the industry on this issue, what is your answer?

2, a very senior graduated from Tsinghua University friends, I heard when the position recommended politely said: "this website you say I do not consider the position, so according to my many years of experience in the Internet, the top three websites in the initial stage to do a business, the future can only be chicken ribs type of enterprise." Do you believe that only the U.S. group, handle such group purchase enterprises can have a very good development, other enterprises will be gradually reduced

? Why?

3, more friends are so answer me, "buy the industry is now too messy, I do not consider the industry to buy positions." Buy the industry pattern is uncertain, I do not want to consider this opportunity." I would like to ask a question, if you are working in a portal, or work in the electronic commerce industry, or work in the online gaming industry, now has a group purchase website has a certain financial strength, the team in the Internet industry also has a good experience, and you are in the original industry for 5 years. Would you consider the position of group purchase website

? Why?

the last topic is relatively large. From a friend who attended the conference, the Internet industry is a wave of a wave, portals, search engines, vertical sites, SNS sites, e-commerce, each time has a hot spot, because such companies like Microsoft may be difficult to do the boss also has an investment; the senior said, "just for the new technology or is able to change.

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