Examples of the current analysis of the company’s Web site deficiencies

recently there are a lot of business people and my QQ and I exchange a lot of Companies in the network marketing skills and how to locate the future development of the site. In today’s rapid development of e-commerce in the case, B2B, B2C’s corporate website is not in silence broke out, died in silence. In the hail rain play competition between enterprises, we should be how to dominate our future is a problem worth pondering. I thought after the analysis of these enterprises website, I found one of the biggest problems is the positioning of enterprise website is not accurate enough and ignore some of the details of the problem, often leads to gradual demise of enterprises in electronic commerce, the so-called law of the jungle is the truth. To want to share in this competitive market own a share, we must correct the wrong approach, explore a new bright spot in all aspects so as to improve the website sales ability, user experience.

which impressed me most is the two corporate website, we need to modify the bad ideas, to do is to pin how to create one of their own enterprise website "to enterprises to compete in the network marketing in the sea sail, ride the wind and waves:

a, enterprise – air purifier

In order to facilitate the failure of various

in-depth analysis of enterprise website construction, the following is a list of enterprise website title, KeyWords:

title: "XX International Group Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. – the country’s largest manufacturer of air purifiers, XX air purifier"

KeyWords: "air purifier, air purifier, air purifier, indoor air purification, indoor air quality testing, formaldehyde treatment, air purification, XX air purifier, air purifier, air purifier manufacturers"

A, the positioning of the long tail keywords, title, KeyWords: if the main word is the backbone of the tree, then the long tail keywords is green leaves, to foil the charm of the tree. We are paying attention to the positioning of the long tail word to bring accurate traffic, so that the conversion rate of goods steadily improve, expand their market share. As far as I know they are all the main station group to the main keywords, ignoring the huge effect of the long tail. Coupled with the article is low, difficult to update, there will be no long tail, word class. The title, KeyWords: from the above enterprise station can be seen obviously no concept of Baidu technology Chinese segmentation, ignoring the main keyword in the title of the weight, the key is not to the full effect in website optimization. Look at KeyWords: look down in the main keywords are up to 10, not only the weight of keywords and keyword optimization in dilution, are the most likely to make the optimal point (Optimal point) dispersed and not focus on one point, so it is the optimization of failure! Finally, want to say is that the enterprises in the Taobao mall and my feeling is: "competition and difficult", so get 100 "with long tail word