WeChat alert circle of friends and selling platform

navigation device is the "SAMSUNG" logo can not buy? "Low price" sales of Viagra is fake? I 23 from Guangdong provincial procuratorate was informed that, at present, a new platform for selling the use of WeChat circle of friends who are more and more, WeChat "circle of friends" to buy things to be careful. At present, the Guangdong intellectual property crime is still running high, counterfeit products are involved in almost all categories, involving hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2014, Guangdong prosecutors approved the arrest of criminal IPR infringement 1719 3122 people indicted 1537 2701 people, the number of arrests and prosecutions were increased by 67.8% and 51.7% than in 2013.

– Nanfang Daily reporter Zhao Yang correspondent Wei Lei Wang Lei

criminal cases of infringement of trademark infringement of trademark rights accounted for 80%

"Guangdong is a large province of intellectual property rights, the number of registered trademark applications, the number of well-known trademarks, the number of patent applications and the number of years in the country." The provincial procuratorate investigation and supervision department responsible person said, at the same time, driven by the interests of infringement of intellectual property rights also lvjinbujue, to inflict serious losses and disrupt the market economic order, or even a direct threat to the safety of people’s lives and health.

Intellectual property infringement case investigation

Guangdong area continued to show the types of cases, great difficulty in handling industry, broad characteristics, especially in recent years, with the development of the Internet industry background, some new types of intellectual property infringement surfaced.

the person in charge of China’s criminal law on intellectual property crime provides 7 charges, involving trademarks, copyright, copyright and trade secrets of the top four categories. Guangdong prosecutors from investigating the case, trademark infringement is still the most important form of intellectual property crime, and in 2014 accounted for more than 80% of criminal cases of intellectual property rights. The main reason is the low investment cost and huge profit".

the responsible person said, such as the Huadu District of Guangzhou city procuratorate handled in 2014 Zhang Dong and Zhao Moubin case of counterfeiting registered trademarks, the suspect production of fake "VERSACE", "DIOR" and "CHANEL" registered trademark of perfume worth nearly 67 yuan.

in addition, because of the commercial secrets in the market competition becomes more and more prominent, to seek high profits, commercial secret infringement cases frequently occur, such as the Zhuhai prosecutors investigating million platinum company, Ward, Yu Zhihong and other 4 people in the case of infringement of commercial secrets, victims of the enterprise loss amount to tens of millions of dollars, and ultimately, to the court the crime of infringement of business secret were sentenced to a fine of 21 million 400 thousand yuan billion platinum company, Ward company fined 14 million 200 thousand yuan, the case has also been the Supreme Procuratorate in 2013 as the ten typical cases of intellectual property protection of the first.

, the proportion of common crime unit crime false Samsung navigation vehicle production plant decoration realistic

investigation and supervision department responsible person told.