Create a China version of nstacart, an hour to express the likes of Tmall music

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following Jingdong, Tmall have entered the supermarket market, the increasingly fierce competition in the retail industry, the traditional supermarket brands to seek online development in order to better bind consumers.

in response to this situation, Shenzhen Le Lai Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the application of music to solve the transformation needs of the online supermarket, the integration of the user within 3 km of supermarket goods resources, complete distribution services. On line three months of rapid development, in June won the Jinsha River venture capital (drops, hungry early investors) A round of $20 million financing.

March APP since the rapid development of the line, currently millions of users, monthly live capacity reached 60%, the average daily order of 30 thousand. After the user submits the order on line, the goods can be delivered one hour at a time.

1 hour delivery service is to advantage, this service depends on its own express team, this group is called a passenger logistics team has 400 people, distributed in various cooperative supermarket stagnation. After receiving orders from the user to quickly get the goods from the supermarket to complete the delivery of goods, as a part of the music to the team, the creation of all the shares held by the company.

In addition to

, a number of commodity logistics courier crowdsourcing mode delivery. The user can also serve as a courier, through the APP grab a single delivery of goods, the courier can get every single 6 yuan courier fee. Reporters found that this model has not been integrated in the music to APP applications.

currently has more than and 300 supermarkets in Shenzhen, including WAL-MART, Huarun, Carrefour and other large supermarkets.

convenience stores and other small stores, large and medium-sized supermarkets have advantages in terms of service and price. "We did a survey of the supermarket price of a single product than the supermarket to expensive 15% to 20%, and there is no supermarket category." Wu Ji said. From the APP view, in addition to fresh fruit, music to provide daily necessities and snacks, sales prices and supermarkets are basically the same.

according to the Ministry of commerce data show that in 2014 the country’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 26 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 12%, the amount of e-commerce transactions (including B2B and retail network) to about 13 trillion yuan, an increase of 25%, e-commerce business has accounted for half of the country’s retail industry.

urgent transformation needs, so that the supermarket to reduce barriers to entry, and the last mile service is conducive to promoting the promotion of supermarket sales. CEO Wu Ji told a financial network reporter: four months on the line, the music industry to bring sales to the Department of Mao to enhance the amount of 15.9%." In addition, it does not involve the sale of goods to ensure that the channel is also eliminating the supermarket for the competition in the industry concerns.


does not currently have a specific profit model, in 2012 into the community market Instacart may provide some reference in the business model.

Instacart by the famous incubator Y-Com>