Beijing industrial and commercial double eleven on the eve of the electricity supplier platform for

Xinhua Beijing November 3rd news (reporter Guan Guifeng) "double eleven" online shopping promotions coming, Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau called Jingdong, Tmall, Gome online, Amazon and other 11 major business platform, "double eleven" during the activity of consumer protection, the quality of goods, promotional advertising and other administrative guidance, requirements the electronic business platform to actively perform their duties, make emergency plans.

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Industrial and Commercial Bureau product sampling found this year on the trade of the network product quality, delivery speed, and the real problem of ordering goods is inconsistent, the seller unilaterally canceled orders are part of the website operators.

Beijing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer protection department official said that the business platform is the first responsibility of protecting the rights and interests of consumers, business platform should bear the first asked responsibility, strict implementation of pay a compensation system.

Beijing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 center, each business platform to mark the customer service phone or WeChat and QQ, Email and other online customer service information prominently on the website, convenient consumer inquiries and complaints; enhance the front-line customer service staff to handle customer complaint authority, to enhance the ability of consumer disputes resolved once; for the third party operators complaints. To use Xianhengpeifu mechanism to quickly resolve; open "Easy Access 12315 online work platform", should be 1 working days for the business sector to do the complaint information, receipt within 2 working days after the completion of treatment.

Beijing City Administration of industry and commerce to remind consumers to rational treatment of various types of promotional activities operators, while carefully read the terms of the promotion, retain good evidence. Consumers sign for the goods before unpacking, encounter discrepancies should be timely and contact operators, consultation opinions.

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