The car suddenly came into xiangbobo website seemingly hot investment third

Recently, from the Beijing BITAUTO Mdt InfoTech Ltd (hereinafter referred to as BITAUTO) was informed that the just completed the second round of international private equity financing, a total investment of $10 million received from the United States and Japan’s top venture capital firms. The company chairman and CEO Li Bin said, with the help of international investment institutions of resources, BITAUTO will further consolidate the leading position in the new Car Buying information service market, while second-hand car and car business expansion.

venture frequently appeared car network

just last month, the car has also taken place in the Internet field a larger amount of strategic equity financing. China largest automobile consumption community China automotive network a senior said, the successful completion of financing with international famous investment bank Goldman Sachs Group as the representative of the SeriesB strategic investors shares, the amount of up to $25 million.

it is worth noting that, in 2005, the car just to get from the top domestic venture capital institutions Lenovo investment in the first round of investment. China automotive network is also in the acquisition of GGV into less than ten months after the acquisition of Goldman Sachs support.

reporter yesterday also learned from 51auto company, is committed to build the country’s largest second-hand car trading network 51auto also received AISONGROOVE in Japan Chinese established investment fund management company Dragon Groove (Dragon disc Business Consulting Co., Ltd.) $5 million investment. In addition, the car home is in frequent contact with many venture capitalists, is one of the world’s largest car car network IT information media group CNET at a cost of about $10 million acquisition, car alliance network also won the favor of venture capital.

cut into the automotive market the best time?

why venture suddenly get together car network? The China automobile network executives said, when the rapid growth of automobile industry met the rapid expansion of the Internet, the Internet car immediately become a "a gilded signboard attract many vcs".

"now is the best time to venture capital Nuggets automobile Internet industry," car home deputy general manager Wei Shiqin believes that, on the surface of China automobile industry is developing rapidly, but compared with the world, is still in the early stages of development, the turning point of the domestic auto market is in a seller’s market to a buyer’s market transition, the high growth of the market. Venture capitalists have been involved in the automotive Internet enterprise also need capital to grow rapidly, the two hit it off.

Li Bin said that BITAUTO itself clear profit model and has been in the industry scale industry resources, channel coverage is an important factor to consider in venture capital.

profit model is still a single

in a lot of people have racked their brains at the same time marriage venture, there is a man who said, do not worry, he is the representative of the 80 entrepreneurs, car home and bubble network CEO Li Xiang. He said that the more important thing is to find a better profit model, change the current status of many sites rely too much on advertising revenue >