The total transaction volume exceeded 180 billion of the world’s more than 200 international partner

each reporter Zhang Wen

eighth "double 11" rematch victory, all net turnover exceeded 180 billion yuan.

in November 17th, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Sun Jiwen said at a news conference, "went into the eighth year of" double 11 ", has not only Chinese electricity market the most important annual promotion, for the foreign merchants and offline businesses to provide business opportunities, has developed into a festival of experiential shopping shopping, entertainment and culture a. According to third party monitoring statistics, in 2016 the ‘double 11’ total net transaction volume has exceeded 180 billion yuan, and then high."

he said, compared to previous years, this year the "double 11" presents three new features: one is to participate in business more diversified, the traditional industries and offline shopping malls and supermarkets, and telecommunications, aviation, hotels, catering and other services have different degree of participation; two is the online platform to pull the line experience, promote the full channel integration upgrade, shopping experience; three is the hot spot of consumption index of economic transformation and upgrading, home appliances, communications brand sales accounted for the increase, reflecting the positive achievements of the supply side structural reform.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center Director Cao Lei told the "daily economic news" reporter, this year "double 11" popular reason is that with a few years of "double 11" fiery debut, e-commerce has been widely accepted by China people, especially in rural areas, the online shopping enthusiasm has begun to be lit.

– "double 11" global influence continued to improve

According to the

China e-commerce research center, according to the order of total customer price, purchase index, analysis of business earnings of listed companies, business history data, estimates of 2016 electricity supplier industry dual 11 day total industry turnover of approximately 180 billion yuan.

to Tmall data, double 11 hot degree year after year: 2014 double 11 turnover of $57 billion 100 million in 2015 was $91 billion 200 million, this year reached $120 billion 700 million.

Sun Jiwen said, compared to previous years, this year’s "double 11" in business more diversified business platform, active participation, differentiated competition, traditional industries have joined the line, shopping malls and supermarkets, and telecommunications, aviation, hotels, catering and other services have different degree of participation, buyers and sellers to further globalization, "double 11 during the period, from 235 countries and regions worldwide consumers through the China shopping business platform, many well-known business in Europe and the United States also launched promotional activities will" double 11 "development into a global shopping festival, continuously enhance the influence.

and the integration of the whole channel, but also to become a double 11 this year, a major feature.

According to Sun Jiwen

, the use of electronic business platform and offline stores online and offline Unicom, promote full channel integration, upgrade shopping experience, "entertainment business model into many entertainment elements, the media, businesses and consumers together, to achieve efficient interaction, to create a new marketing.