Tens of billions of online group purchase market integrity or for the survival of the mighty wave cr


into the Guangzhou metro station, handle network group purchase group purchase on the handle, handle the advertising Pumianerlai, the other side of the car 24 coupons "share happy daily" ad cursory staged…… Battle of thousands of war intensified, spread from the Internet world to traditional channels.

according to research firm CNZZ data show that as of 2010 the number of domestic buy site has reached 1726, is expected in 2011 the domestic market size of the group can break through $10 billion. But in fact, the rapid growth, vicious competition, making the Chinese online shopping in a short time will not become a profitable business, the integrity of the gap has become increasingly large. This battle of thousands of groups, the ultimate goal of survival of the fittest where?

is chasing the game capital

online shopping market in China, financing is a thing that happens almost every day. The latest in a single financing was born in "dianping.com", which is home to the city consumer guide website started in June last year, began to enter the group purchase, the amount of financing is expected to reach $100 million, more than all the domestic group purchase website and financing.

financing, burn, promotion, enclosure, expand…… In the past year, the development process of local group buying site. According to the Nandu reporter, the U.S. group net has completed the tens of millions of dollars in financing, this year will invest 130 million yuan for advertising; the third round of financing in the first quarter of this year net, and $50 million round of financing proceeds will be used to focus on advertising; glutinous rice nets will spend 200 million yuan for marketing……

staking is a popular word in this circle, and the capital into the board led to further accelerate the shuffle. CN ZZ refers to the statistical data from October 2010 to December, the average monthly increments of group purchase website about 80%, significantly lower than the average in March 700% incremental trend, showing the group purchase website has been the rapid expansion of the stage, the user has gradually from the blind pursuit of price "cheap" transfer to the service quality and product quality, which will for the sound development of the industry to play a promoting role.

modified Groupon model

group purchase originator Groupon2008 years was born in the United States, the initial inspiration comes from the line of discount coupons, eventually transformed into focus on the purchase to get low discount business model. This simple and easy to learn, low-cost business model in 2010 swept across china. A group purchase industry told reporters: "Nandu group purchase website system the lowest price is only 4000 yuan, plus the SMS notification, e-mail, payment system and other ancillary services, to create a simple website group purchase cost can be controlled in less than 10 thousand yuan."

low barriers to entry, group purchase beginning only as "minor" business model, the development of the Internet in China ocean. Until Taobao, Tencent, dianping.com, 58 city have joined the war, thousands of war began in March of this year, group purchase on the nose