He will play business in Southeast Asia and cross-border flash purchase a pot of stew

[Abstract] Kevin Kelly (KK) in the book "inevitable" mentioned in one of the twelve key words called "re (remixing), KK believes that the real economic growth is not from the discovery and use of existing resources, but the" re". He explained that the company’s future lies in the entrepreneurial opportunities of decomposition and combination, the existing service broke up after the re arrangement.

1030am is the flash purchase, cross-border, O2O or even B2B these models in a body. Although the domestic electricity supplier who these nouns are learned by heart. However, a new electricity supplier projects in a strange country, how to adapt to local conditions for these patterns to re mix the new is the key.

1030am who is less than a year to get 20 million yuan

Singapore flash shopping site 1030am ( is one of the main South Korea cosmetics and European light luxury bag flash shopping site, from the country of origin direct purchasing. 1030am to enter the market and not long ago, on-line in September last year.

founder Feng Songtao grew up in the country, had been engaged in the development of technical work, but also the beginning of last year, the real electricity supplier contact. Although the founder of business industry is new, but compared to Singapore local startups, 1030am in the capital to go smoothly, so far has been China nets CEO Zhang Xiangdong and former 4399 former CTO Cao Zheng value of about $75 (about 3 million 603 thousand yuan) of the angel round of financing, as well as CEO (about $315 Shengdong Pang about 1513.4 yuan) of the Pre-A round of financing, the next step would be to develop the Malaysia and Indonesia markets. Of course, from the perspective of the domestic electricity supplier experience, the money is very important, but in terms of long-term development, unless there is a king of a steady stream of selfless support, otherwise you must find a suitable way of business.

According to

1030am data sources, as of now, the formal operation in less than 6 months, the new nearly 10 thousand registered users, GMV has reached 10 million dollars / month. Feng Songtao is very confident: "China like Taobao, Jingdong and, we mainly sell light luxury bags and cosmetics, the price is not high, acceptance is also very good, Lazada in this area is less than us."

Singapore version of the United States: light luxury flash purchase +

in the traditional market, 1030am flagship cheap

from the world bank data show that in 2014 the total population of Singapore 5 million 470 thousand, gross national product of $307 billion 900 million, per capita GDP of $56 thousand and 300.

market research firm Research&, Market, September 2015