Ali CEO Zhang Yong Double 11 did not start the flow has exceeded last year’s peak

Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong


technology news in late November 10th 8, the Alibaba CEO group in Hangzhou Zhang Yong Technology Command Center said that the 2015 Tmall global double 11 carnival is about to begin, as of now, mobile phone Taobao has visited nearly 130 million, more than double last year’s 11 highest peak.

Zhang Yong said: "this is the first time to two Alibaba in 11 move into the end, according to the characteristics of mobile shopping, double 11 wonderful 24 hours, every hour there will be a surprise, let the whole world to witness the power consumption Chinese."

Zhang Yong said, in order to adapt to changes in the behavior of consumers in the mobile terminal, Tmall this year, specially prepared for the double 11 "work" two big promotion, so that consumers can also participate in the double 11 "on the road, the traffic is not blocking the heart, and 11 in the afternoon will double limited preferential activities.

addition, double 11 night at 10:30, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will be 2015 Tmall global double 11 Carnival held a special remote opening bell ceremony, this is the first time the NYSE is a China Internet companies to hold such a ceremony. According to reports, along with the NYSE bell ceremony, there will be a special surprise mystery. "Double 11 is a meal, we prepared a dish, let everyone happy hand chop party." Zhang Yong said.

In order to protect the

Tmall double 11 smoothly, including technical Montana Alibaba and ant gold clothing are converging on the technology of double 11 command center. Zhang Yong said: "every year 11 is a big training we Ali technology, let Ali technology strive for further improvement. On the basis of a world record of 80 thousand orders per second last year, our technical team is expected to achieve the goal of supporting the creation of a total of 120 thousand orders per second and the success of the payment of the order of the next 60 thousand."

globalization is the theme of this year 11, the sale of previously published data show that Chinese consumers on global commodity purchase enthusiasm, 13 Pavilion pre-sale of imported food has been short, 10 overseas businessmen and the brand sale broken million and approaching billion yuan.

in addition, this year in addition to Tmall for billions of dollars of red envelopes, the first businesses directly to consumers can send red envelopes. Over the past week, the number of red envelopes has exceeded last year’s total, and is still rising.

this year is also the first time the dual channel 11 new business ecology of the overall presentation of the whole channel. The digital economy and the next line of business integration, Suning, intime, Beiqi, BTG thousands of businesses, will open channels of user management, commodity management and logistics service, etc., the linkage of over 330 City 18 thousands of shopping malls or stores, participate in the double 11 carnival, and consumers to achieve double 11 shops the internet.

according to reports, as the first year of the globalization of Alibaba group, this year, the 11 will be a global, full channel new business outlook and consumer + entertainment, a new interactive >