Happy net loss of the domain name brand awareness of the network industry

recently, the campus network (Thousand Oaks group) publicly confirmed the acquisition of domain name. Originally we have been happy to speculate that the network will eventually acquire the domain name, thousands of oak shots to make the Internet industry dumbfounded. And this acquisition also makes the trend of gunpowder full of SNS social networking field concern.

according to the analysis, the happy network currently has a very high brand awareness, the campus network by the domain name SEO (search engine optimization), the expand their brand influence at the same time, the happy network will also have a great blow. Happy network has been hailed as a myth of China’s Internet industry in 2008, but did not expect the same crisis soon. Due to the social network technology is relatively low threshold, easy to be imitated, so web marketing is very important, but also see a website to promote people to benefit more, the website owner and employee heart what it is as can be imagined.

Facebook from abroad was born, to the rapid rise of the domestic happy net, the Internet every day in the interpretation of the legendary success. However, in terms of network brand protection, the gap between domestic and foreign websites is not a little. The domain name protection action Google, YAHOO Facebook and other foreign websites in the world of the costly reports It is often seen. and many domestic famous website; website promotion and marketing spend huge cost, but only because the relevant domain name let competitors get a better, almost not spend a penny of publicity can easily win. As early as Soufangwang known, hundreds of millions of investment to build the famous "SouFun" brand, but also make another almost without any advertising also become the domestic well-known real estate website. "Mobile Fetion" network on the Internet dazzling so many ordinary users don’t know which is the official website, the most simple and easy to remember., and Fetion tebihao domain name but are not all China Mobile, thousands of fake websites by Fetion this point to attract user registration, access to mobile payment wantonly Fetion promotion fee. Aspiring to enter the online Internet giant Sohu best independent development network game "Luding Ji" will be on the line, did not enable users have been generally optimistic about the domain name, but the use of the Sohu of the two level domain name. For the lack of influence of the Internet has a huge Sohu name can make up in other ways, but also make the domain name after portal leading, when online games leading the fight have more room for imagination.

do not know how to experience the joy of the domain name after the storm of the domestic Internet giants, who will become the next happy network?