Exploration of B2C e-commerce integration service model

in the online shopping environment, how to provide a perfect service model is to determine the B2C enterprises are facing a major problem, but also an important force in the popularity of online shopping. Online shopping integration services include:

1 B2C model is bound to have a good service platform to provide pre-sales consulting, product experience, evaluation and other services. Customers through this channel to understand the product and product evaluation, product experience through the network.

2 online shopping massive information must have a screening tool, such as shopping search and shopping guide website product recommendation. Provide accurate search information or high-quality screening shopping information services to determine the quality of online shopping information.

3 in order to make online shopping to maximize customer preferences, online shopping for a large number of activities. Such as: discounts, rebates and other products. To maximize the interests of customers, is to spend the least money to get the best products and services.

4 logistics is the form of product distribution, product distribution is the main factor to determine the speed of online shopping, but also one of the factors restricting the development of online shopping. It is a very important part of online shopping service to provide perfect and fast logistics service.

5 after-sales service, to provide product experience, the use of skills, maintenance, quality assurance and other information and services.

so how to provide more services in the online shopping, how to provide a platform?

+ company + logistics + after sales model is the most common service model, which is based on interactive and communication based information platform to provide a better service model and interactive communication. The pattern of all services based on an integrated, flat service model, but also the most important early online shopping service model. With the network shopping market segmentation, vertical, there is a vertical network service model.

vertical network service model services category, providing a more comprehensive, accurate service. The shopping guide website, shopping search, online shopping, discount rebate website community, net website mode. The vertical makes perfect service, but the service did not do the vertical vertical horizontal development, resulting in vertical business does not enter into the front of the online shopping, it is only a kind of unique service model.

online shopping is the main customer, through customer interaction and exchange of product information and access to relevant information and provide a strong service guarantee for B2C. Then the core idea of this model is consistent with the core concept of community and the SNS community and SNS, the rise of the Internet, make Internet users gradually accepted community and SNS mode, has become the mainstream of the Internet, the network shopping and WEB2.0 combined, the community service mode gradually integrated into the B2C based, in order to truly realize the network shopping sublimation.

how to take pre-sale service, information screening, discount rebate, customer service service based on the community, to achieve the integration of services, while the logistics service.

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