CN prices fall more than rational consumption of domain name needs

Recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) network investigation activities for our teenagers’ perception and acceptance of the domain name as a "children’s CN domain name application status" is like a raging fire. And another message will be pushed to the focus of the CN domain name again. CN slashed prices. CN domain name as China’s exclusive top-level international domain name, the phenomenon of this phenomenon is how to look at the parties? Reporter made an interview.

CNNIC 7, 14:00 made it clear that the promotion of CN English domain name, it is decided to lower prices.

Chinese according to Internet 19 development report January 23rd released by CNNIC, Chinese CN 1 million 800 thousand domain names, domain name COM 1 million 940 thousand, is already quite close. The price may further promote the growth of CN domain name registration number, the number of CN domain name in 2007 will exceed COM domain name.

to remind the industry, look at a rational price, do not panic buying so-called a few dollars CN domain name, careful price trap. If it is easy, it is difficult, may later want no use many money wasted. On the other hand, look at the price of a brand is not enough, and the technical strength of service providers will need to be considered, we must choose a good reputation and leading technology service providers, to protect their interests so as to fully and effectively. Otherwise, only to Zhanxiaopianyi may suffer a great deal.

it is reported that as of press time, the market price of CN domain name registration is not unified, the price from a few dollars to tens of dollars. There is a need to choose the domain name registration CN at this time also deserves to be a good time to want to do network consumers consider the era of the Internet to buy one get one free activities, make the best use of everything, of course is the most expensive.

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