Pitaya behind the slow-moving fresh electricity might be a mistake

recent news reports unsalable in Guangdong pitaya, poured into the pond fish, although the media rumor said that pitaya Chinese annual consumption of 6 million tons, and most of them need to be imported from Vietnam, it is "rotten", however, an indisputable fact is that pitaya harvest, can not be sold have to feed the fish, thrown into a pond, while in Gansu Yuzhong, ripe apricot also because slow-moving rot in the fields. Internet plus age, although a lot of people to enter the Internet in rural areas, but in the face of fresh fruit rot, "harvest", suddenly did not seem much


Ming is a family of online shopping, almost what all want to buy online, including a few dollars to the reader, thousands of Yuan mobile phone, Xiao Ming’s age at about 35 years old, shopping is very sensible, he said: "going to the store to buy the card reader, after all, is a few dollars. However, the same price, online shopping and store to buy, the effect is not the same, their broken card reader in the store is 10 yuan to buy, it did not take long for the problem, so, in line to buy a little more expensive, and the store must estimate a few yuan card reader function have a spell!" although the reader Xiaoming a few dollars but all over, he bought the fruits and vegetables are to the local market to buy, said the reason, Xiao Ming said: "farmers market, roadside stalls is very busy, Online shopping fresh, this is impractical, besides, what can not rely on the network, even if it is "home", but also give yourself a chance to vent out "


traditional business bigwigs have been on the fresh force, if the effect is not very obvious, such as the fastest SF express fresh layout for many years, SF "Hey" came now and open the "SF SF cold chain", however, the need for "distribution preservation" electricity cost it is said that the Philippines, compared with before, the price of more than 20%, obviously this "fresh" way of delivery, for the crowd, even "Yiqijuechen Feizixiao" effect, hey! Most people really can not afford to enjoy. Ali group’s rookie logistics also launched the "cold chain", in order to preservation, the electricity supplier who really fight, but for those who can’t afford the bumpy "fruit", even if it is difficult to cold preservation of fresh electricity! Looks very beautiful, but absolutely is tall on the goods, not a certain strength of the electricity supplier I can’t play


on the Internet today some large shopping malls take cities and seize territory, the impact obviously, in a local large supermarket, shopping, overheard broadcast such a store: "usually after 20 to the mall to buy vegetables, membership card or two dimensional code scanning, are seventy percent off!" in the supermarket in order to prevent vegetables are not "fresh", also spelled, but if there is no outside stores a variety of fruits and vegetables, no stall aunt uncle insisted, no Internet, large shopping malls originally very strong it is difficult to lower the head, if not lower profits, they will even the vegetables rot will not lower prices, as in the past to >

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