Electricity providers need to change the mode of personnel training

July 23rd, the 2012 China e-commerce talent survey report released for the first time. According to the survey, 18.18% of the enterprises need the electricity supplier operations personnel, 20.45% of the enterprises need technical personnel (IT, 13.64%, art) of the enterprises need to promote sales personnel, 4.55% of the enterprises need supply chain management personnel 4.55%, and all kinds of talents are lack of enterprises accounted for 43.18%. Thus electricity supplier talent gap, but whether it is the electricity supplier talent gap as reported, in fact, right now, many want to become the electricity supplier in the field of talent is no corresponding opportunity, and a recent report said, now the electricity supplier companies in high-end talent surplus, this and this electric field showing the decline of. Every year, a large number of college graduates in the electricity supplier business professional, see a data to know. Since 2000, the Ministry of education has approved 339 undergraduate colleges and more than and 650 vocational colleges set up professional e-commerce, there are about more than 80 thousand graduates each year, so for so many years of accumulated electricity supplier talent in the end people where to go, actually a lot of business graduate students there is a situation of "this kind of high low ability." in fact, higher education system and old theory knowledge can’t adapt to business development needs, the school curriculum teacher are some management and technical people to serve as teachers, this can bring out what type of business enterprise personnel, this kind of how many people adapt to the needs of enterprises, as can be imagined, finally students are the other investment and other areas, according to the financial industry I know is a lot of people go to the above example is on the one hand. Thus, the electricity supplier personnel training model in urgent need of change.

(1) the reform of E-commerce Specialty in Colleges and universities

The first

curriculum is unreasonable, because a lot of electronic business professional, in fact to the electronic commerce specialized teacher or teacher or is administered by a computer teacher and no accumulation, system, research of e-commerce professional knowledge, he put together, so in the curriculum, will be set up what courses? We called electronic commerce, some curriculum is two courses, is a class of business management courses, is a class of computer courses, such as setting marketing, Market Research of economics and management, set up business and so on; the second is the school teacher did not experience the corresponding practice, the total well known business is the development, there is no eternal thing in the field of Internet, overdue is overdue, do not think people will progress to advanced As the old, and how many teachers will be an expert in this field, or say is what the company consultant, but made consultant with the e-commerce in fact little contact, especially for students. Many school e-commerce professional students now, most of them don’t know what to do to myself after graduation, you say to the electricity supplier companies, but do not know what you can do, this is the most troubling thing, then find another way.

(two) enterprise training

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