Electricity supplier hype credit behavior will be blacklisted punish

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 25 October, (reporter Yu Jiaxin, An Bei) to strengthen the online fried letter "behavior supervision," double eleven "before the arrival, Alibaba, Jingdong and other 8 enterprises jointly signed the" anti speculation letter "agreement, in the national development and Reform Commission and other departments under the guidance of" speculation "behavior was included in the" blacklist "punish.

Deputy Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission Chairman Xu Kunlin

said, "with the letter" is the use of network virtual credit transaction has been speculation, has the characteristics of occupation and specialization, is a major cancer in the field of electronic commerce. Strengthen the supervision of the letter fried behavior is conducive to promoting the healthy development of electricity providers and social credit system.

, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, 58 city, travel, Baidu Nuomi, Qihoo 360, by SF EXPRESS and other 8 companies signed the "letter" anti speculation "information sharing agreement". Under the agreement, the company will strengthen the internal credit management, record speculation behavior information. Under the guidance of the national development and Reform Commission, the people’s Bank of China, the central network letter office and other relevant departments, the company will share the credit information on a regular basis in the national credit information sharing platform, and applied to various scenarios.

Li Juhe, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said the Ministry of Finance and finance, according to the agreement will be established and regularly share

letter blacklist and Joint Disciplinary subsystem. Fried letter blacklist includes, but is not limited to the "speculation" behavior to provide accounts, data, technology and other services units, individuals, websites and mobile applications. On the subject of "speculation letter" will limit the new account, shielding or delete an existing account, net credit score, providing internet financial services, limited delivery logistics enterprises serious dishonesty business platform, network advertising restrictions etc..

Li Juhe said that the anti speculation letter does not need the government, enterprises in the electricity supplier, joint force. This mechanism will protect the merchant’s trade secrets and personal privacy through the system, technical measures, but also to encourage the majority of market players on the speculation behavior report.

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