Online shop operation promotion inevitable market analysis

Hello, I am the wind leaf Gu city. Years later changed a job, began to study Taobao, Cenda digital mobile hard drive sales. Speaking of Taobao, I can be regarded as an old user, but a few years out of the way, and now is re employment. When it comes to specific market analysis, we first look at the history of the development of Taobao. N years ago, the first batch of sellers settled in Taobao is estimated to have earned pours, a group of combat; then Daoteng a few years time, the size of the seller rash and too much in haste have entered the era of online shopping, super wave was set off again. Then, in the last one or two years, the era began to change, the Internet is also changing, Taobao has entered the ranks of the transition. It is easy to fight the so-called Jiangshan difficult to be respected by the seller for the gods of the Taobao empire in order to operate the needs of changing the operating structure and rules. I estimate that this makes many originally not familiar with the Internet and want to shop in the operation of a big advantage of the sellers do not eat; and the other end, Taobao official has introduced by Taobao platform has become a successful example of wealth experts, more people suffering intolerable, envy envy hate.

in fact, as a seller, I hope that one day luck will come to his head. But the dream to the dream, it is impossible to take a reality in a day. Placed in front of the problem, as the seller, how to do their own shop, how to make the store traffic up, sales up


again to a phenomenon, the new shop seller and Taobao senior sellers have a consistent thinking, like to use the search engine to obtain the appropriate means of promotion. In other words, open the search engine at the moment, the keyword search out of the mass of promotional information in fact everyone may have seen and used. As a seller, but they ignore a thing, that is the details. There is a very easy to understand and very popular words, the details determine success or failure, described as appropriate.

so, where are the details we’re ignoring?

first: market segmentation. I remember many years ago, I have had the experience of a shop, but halfway to give up, give up the reason is that there is no access to suitable sources and not enough time management. Of course, focus on the previous point. There is a shop supply assurance, basically solve the main problems.

, however, the details are coming. Many sellers too much trust in their own products, which leads into a strong, but the competition is too large, the final result is that the plight of the same industry, large pressure small sellers (small sellers, the seller can not find their own advantages to the new shop) senior shop, (high reputation and reputation do not). The traffic flows to the old shop, and how to promote the new shop, little.

so, how do we subdivide the market? First of all: to seize the characteristics of the product and selling points. For example, the same piece of clothing, are used to wear, but the people are not the same, the location is not the same nature, of course, advertising is not the same. For example, Cenda digital flagship store decoration style is too feminine, but in fact, the use of mobile hard disk crowd, should be male >

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